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Official images of the Nike SB Parra Federation 2021 kits

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Perhaps no event that happens this summer in Tokyo plays with a freer and lighter sense of creativity than skateboarding. Sport harnesses the joy of movement, unlocking creativity through space. In the process of designing the Federation’s inaugural year kits for the United States, Japan, France and Brazil, the Nike SB team brought an equally creative point of view, working alongside Dutch artist Piet Parra to design unique Pantone landscapes that are they connect with the geographies of those countries. .

Each masked print draws on the attention to landscape found in Japanese art, highlighting recognizable cityscapes (cannot be not see Rio in the Brazil kit). The other simpler reason for landscape design lies at the heart of Nike SB collaborations and skate culture in general: creativity by simply spotting a good thing and doing it.

“When we talked to Piet about the designs, we asked him: ‘Take what’s happening in Tokyo off the scene for a second; If you had to make a kit on your own, what would it be? ‘”Says Donavan Harris, Nike’s design lead for the kits.

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