Oklahoma Inmates Claim Prison Staff Tortured Them Playing “Baby Shark” On Loop


Parents can relate to this. Inmates at an Oklahoma prison said they were subjected to cruel and inhumane punishment when forced into stressful positions as they listened to “Baby Shark” on repeat for hours, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

The catchy children’s song was just one of the torture methods used as a disciplinary tactic, which also included alleged excessive force, according to the federal civil rights lawsuit.

The dress was filed in the Western District of Oklahoma on behalf of Ja’Lee Foreman Jr., Daniel Hedrick, Joseph Mitchell, and John Basco, who were being held pending trial at the Oklahoma County Jail in late 2019, according to NBC News. The lawsuit names Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson III, the county board of trustees, the prison trust, and two former prison officers as defendants.

The defendants are accused of failing to adequately train and supervise his officers, according to the cause. It was also claimed that the prison officers involved had a history of abuse well known to supervisors, but no action was taken to stop them, the lawsuit said.

On November 30, 2019, Mitchell was pulled out of his cell by prison officers at around 11:45 pm. The officers then put Mitchell in a room where he was forced into a “stressed standing position” for three to four hours while handcuffed behind his back, the lawsuit claims.

The officers are then accused of playing “Baby Shark” on a loop.

“Mitchell was forced to listen to the song over and over while he was physically held in the attorney’s visiting room. The volume of the song was so loud that it echoed in the hallways, “the lawsuit said.

Basco and Hedrick say they were also forced to stand in stressful positions as they listened to the song at different times in late 2019, according to the lawsuit.

Foreman says he wasn’t forced to listen to the song, but was put in a stressful position and was later kicked in the back and slammed into a wall by one officer and spat on him by another, the said. it causes.

The detainees did not threaten officers in these alleged incidents, the cause claims.

Johnson declined to comment on the litigation. We will keep you updated on any updates.

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