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Opinion | Ron DeSantis, Republican Specialist

In previous episodes, Specialist DeSantis has used the power of the state to punish or threaten to punish Special Olympics for requiring vaccinations, Disney Corp. said for participating in free speech over “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, and the tampa bay lightning for tweeting against armed violence. In other acts of saber rattling, DeSantis has threatened to have a Miami bar’s liquor license for allowing minors to attend “sexually explicit” events. drag shows, undermined a state referendum that gave incarcerated ex-felons the right to vote and helped bar the state pension fund from considering environmental, social, and governance standards (also known as “IT G“) in making investments.

None of DeSantis’ Jackie Chan-esque moves before the news cameras have much to do with the traditional government goals of keeping neighborhoods safe, paving streets, providing clean water and balancing the budget. Like his stunt partner Donald Trump, he sees his stunts as political sideshows that stir up his base culture war biases and drive them to the polls. Sending immigrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, like many of DeSantis’ exploits, has less to do with making Florida comfortable and more to do with making his opponents whine at his audacity. DeSantis has fallen so in love with his role as governor. Gutsy who recently shot a reelection announcement which portrays him as a political Top Gun who fights with the “corporate media”.

A governor genuinely interested in curbing corporate power would not bother to revoke the privilege of running a special tax district, as DeSantis has done with Disney. He would go on to tax corporations, regulate them, or subject them to antitrust action. But that sounds too much like real governance. (Nota bene: In typical showman fashion, the repeal of Disney’s special tax district doesn’t take place until June 2023, long enough for DeSantis, if he wins re-election, to declare victory over Disney and reverse the repeal. ).

DeSantis’s antics cannot be dismissed as mere political entertainment. As Will Duffield of the Cato Institute recently wrote, Using state power to intimidate individuals or corporations for exercising their free speech rights taints the First Amendment. DeSantis is not the only political pundit to threaten retaliation against those who challenge him. In 2021, President Joe Biden accused Facebook of “killing people“Because it allowed publications that questioned the safety of covid vaccines. Again, no matter where you stand on vaccines, the government has no power to silence discussions it doesn’t like. Still, Biden administration officials acted on the president’s fury by working behind the scenes to “persuade” Facebook to post anti-vaccine messages, achieving state censorship without having to rely on the law.

DeSantis, like the many members of Congress who would dictate social media policies to Big Tech, performs his stunts with one goal in mind: He wants to instill deep and widespread fear of his wrath. Are you Disney, speaking clearly? He knows how to make it hurt. Does he want to establish vaccination guidelines for his nonprofit organization, like Special Olympics did? He will threaten to defund you. Does he believe that undocumented immigrants should be treated with dignity? By requisitioning some of them from Texas and depositing them in his wealthy liberal enclave, he will turn his anger into his theoretical inconvenience and add to the pain if he ignores it.

Some commentators have predicted that the Martha’s Vineyard tactic will backfire on DeSantis for going too far. But he won’t. His fellow stuntman, Trump, has already ushered in a new political era that calls for greater acts of malice and spite to hold the attention of novices. Like other stuntmen, DeSantis is never satisfied with his latest stunt. He is always looking up.


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