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OSMR itch receptor attracts industry

The pathophysiology of pruritus is poorly understood and the condition remains difficult to treat. Kiniksa’s vixarelimab mAb (KPL-716) is the first fully human mAb in its class to block OSMRβ. In the skin of patients with chronic itching, the OSM cytokine is highly expressed as it is secreted by immune cells. It signals through OSMRβ, but must associate with interleukin-31 (IL-31), produced by T helper 2 cells, to generate itching sensations. Pruritus is thought to be induced when IL-31 signals through the IL-31 receptor, which forms a heterodimer with OSMRβ, on keratinocytes and mast cells. These activated cells, in turn, mediate neuroimmune communications that transmit the sensation of itching to the central nervous system.

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