“Otis Can Handle It”: Why Cleve-Hill Auto & Tire Uses Openbay’s Otis Intelligent Chat to Enhance Online Customer Service Experience and Increase Service Revenue


“At Cleve-Hill, we love customer service,” shares Joe Nicosia, Jr., Vice President of Cleve-Hill Cars and Tires. “Indeed, it was our interest in new ways to better serve today’s customers that led us to Openbay Otis smart chat. ”

Cleve-Hill Auto & Tire is a successful family-owned auto and tire service company located in the Buffalo, New York region. The operation includes three stores, all of which are proud of NAPA AutoCare Centers, as well as a thriving tire wholesaling business.

Service excellence has been important to Cleve-Hill from the very beginning. Joe’s father founded Cleve-Hill Auto & Tire in 1976 as a one-site service station and service center. His vision was to provide local vehicle owners with high quality automotive service and go above and beyond to take care of their customers and staff. From the very beginning, the Nicosia family worked hard to gain trust and loyalty. As a result, Cleve-Hill today has a growing loyal customer base, a dedicated team of experienced engineers and continued business growth.

The customer service experience that launched a tire wholesaling operation

Joe explains that Cleve-Hill’s tire wholesaling business began with their mission to meet customer needs with service above and beyond. In this case, the customers were other owners of local auto service businesses. “Our wholesaling business started when other stores in our area were in need of tires,” says Joe. “We were known for offering excellent service with a quality experience. We have started serving local tire dealers. And from there we launched our wholesale business. “

Cleve-Hill’s goal for the wholesale operation is “to help tire dealers operate efficiently, compete in the market and sell more tires,” says Joe. For this reason, Cleve-Hill integrates with TireConnect. In Joe’s words, “The TireConnect team is committed to the same goals we have set for our business: to help tire dealers serve their customers and grow.”

Today Joe leads the Cleve-Hill path, guided by the corporate mission established by his father 45 years ago. Its goal is to connect with both customers and staff and find the building blocks needed to operate and grow in today’s modern business environment.

For Joe, the COVID-19 pandemic offered an unexpected opportunity to enter daily business with a new perspective. His intention was to fully understand the business model, solve real problems and lay the foundation for future success. Joe has taken on a variety of roles that have given him direct exposure to different sides of Cleve-Hill operations.

Finding Growth in Daily Business

The experience proved enlightening. “Each part proved invaluable,” says Joe. “I have been testing processes that have been in use for years (including some that I had put in place myself), I have worked with clients, and I have even evaluated our spend line by line. Each role has helped me see firsthand what works and what must improve “.

Joe discovered several opportunities to improve business operations to better serve customers and position Cleve-Hill for success. At the top of the list was the need for a consumer experience more in line with today’s “always online” consumer.

“Our family-owned business has made its mark by offering our customers the highest quality service experience,” says Joe. “This focus hasn’t changed, but our consumers have. They are online more than ever and are expecting immediate information. We needed to update the way we operate to keep up with what today’s digital-minded consumers expect from a quality service experience today. “

Research shows Joe’s insights are right. Today’s consumers expect a business to be available in a way that’s convenient for them. In fact, according to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Consumer, “64% expect a response in real time. In addition, McKinsey & Company Research shows that consumers shifted dramatically to online products and services during the pandemic. Interactions with digital customers have accelerated by up to 3 years in the past year.

Transform the customer service experience with intelligent chat

Joe was looking for an innovative solution to transform the Cleve-Hill consumer experience and accelerate business growth. “I believe technology gives us an advantage as an independent operator. We must operate professionally and deliver the quality service that Cleve-Hill is known for. We already have the advantage of being local and knowing firsthand what our customers want and need. When we add innovation to the customer experience, we position ourselves for lasting success. ”

Joe’s quest for a technology solution to align with the needs of Cleve-Hill’s early digital consumers led him to Openbay Otis. Otis is the intelligent, automated chat and messaging platform designed specifically for the automotive service industry. Otis installs on a corporate website and appears as a button, but takes action to grab the website visitor’s attention. Intelligent, automated Otis is available to quickly answer questions and deliver the information they’re looking for in a chat-like format. It works 24/7. Tasks like setting up appointments, delivering service, making estimates and answering questions about the business.

Otis, powered by artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence), supports companies with a single location as well as service centers with multiple locations. In addition, Otis integrates with TireConnect and includes a tire catalog, which can retrieve information on tire pricing and availability and book installation service appointments. All in chat, in real time.

Openbay Otis’ intelligent and automated chat gives Cleve-Hill new and returning website visitors a better desktop and mobile experience

Creating a customer-centric online experience with Openbay Otis

Joe installed Otis on the Cleve-Hill website, powered by Driven by the network. Otis equips Cleve-Hill to deliver a customer experience that meets the needs of today’s digital consumers who expect personalized service on demand.

Joe explains that “Otis makes our business more ‘sticky’. It allows us to be available to new and returning online customers at their convenience, 24/7, and uses a chat-like method they are familiar with and prefer. “Joe continues,” as Otis is specifically designed to provide intelligent and personalized answers, it makes their online service experience with us more customer-centric. ”

Additionally, Otis helps improve business operations. “We like Otis because it takes the pressure off our team,” reports Joe. “Usually, when we’re busy, the phone rings unanswered or the team has to unplug it. Otis gives our staff a greater ability to focus on the most important work because Otis helps them do extra tasks. We now know that “Otis can handle it”. The team can focus on the customer and the car in front of them. “

Additionally, Joe shares that Otis helps Cleve-Hill improve the customer experience and gain new customers. “The quality of our customer service has increased with the installation of Otis on our website. We know our customers’ lives keep changing. They are busy and now manage their lives around the clock. Otis helps us keep up with our customers digital-first, “says Joe.” Otis makes it easy for them to schedule appointments and get the answers they need to do. business with us. “

Acquire customers and increase service revenue with Openbay Otis

Otis prepares Cleve-Hill for future growth. Joe explains: “Otis not only offers us opportunities now, but also offers us potential future business. Otis captures new customer contact information on most interactions. So, if the website visitor is not a customer today but has shown interest in our services, we have your information. This allows us to market them along the way when they are ready. “

Joe shares his advice for other entrepreneurs who consider Otis. “I’d like to encourage a look at ‘hard math,’ he says. Joe expands his point. “We analyzed our current tickets as well as the team’s current bandwidth and stress levels. From there, we calculated whether Otis’ monthly fee would be worth the investment to help us acquire more customers automatically and 24/7. Our math showed that Otis pays for itself after 1-2 services. to customers and the ROI is traceable. Otis is a smart investment and a key part of our growth plan. ”

Joe offers his final perspective on Otis’ benefits in Cleve-Hill. “COVID-19 made me assess what resources we really need to run the Cleve-Hill business at a high level today. For us, Otis is what we need. Otis creates a more convenient and personalized customer service experience. It delivers the quality service that Cleve-Hill is known for, elevated for today’s world. Otis helps our team work more efficiently and keep operations running smoothly. Most importantly, Otis also gives me peace of mind as an entrepreneur. At any time of the day, I know Otis is there to work for us. “

To find out how Openbay Otis an intelligent and automated chat and messaging platform can improve the customer service experience, move website visitors to service areas and create efficient operations, contact Openbay today.

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