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The question is not whether conservatives should wage culture wars or not. Sample.

Paul Goodman

“Above all, they shouldn’t worry about Woke to the exclusion of everything else. This is the trap that many Labor MPs and much of the left are falling into.”

More money, more power, more privacy. The deeply unpopular recipe for getting better people into politics.

henry hill

“One can well imagine the public response to any such campaign. We have the political class we deserve.”

AI. Without China, Sunak can’t hope to regulate Pandora’s Box, and he shouldn’t try either.

William Atkinson

“AI offers a huge opportunity for humanity. But Beijing sees it only as its latest tool for repression.”

Profile: Rachel Reeves, who as chancellor would have to hold the barrage against a deluge of labor spending demands

andres gimson

“She insists that fiscal responsibility will take precedence, but if Labor takes power, the pressure on her to raise more tax will be immense. ”

Four policy options to respond to higher mortgage rates

david willetts

“It is younger homeowners who are proportionally more exposed to higher mortgage costs relative to their income and home value.”

The European migration crisis. Will our neighbors adopt Rwanda-type schemes to stop small boats?

Coburn Poppy

“Four per cent of these respondents listed Beirain as their target destination, meaning around 36 million people would want to move to Britain if given the chance.”

The clue is in the name: you can’t take the Empire out of the Windrush.

daniel hannan

“We should respect British subjects who have built a new life in this country without reducing their history to a progressive fairy tale.”

Sunak can win, if he shows that the Tories still have the energy, vision and discipline to govern.

mr ashcroft

“He has already recaptured a large number of voters since entering Number 10, and both polls and focus groups confirm that many more are prepared to wait longer before making up their minds.”

If Conservative voters regret Brexit, it is because the Conservatives have failed to make it a success.

james frayne

“Only four percent of Leave voters have bought the Remainers line that they lied to all of us and that we need a vote right now to come back.”

I will not be mayor only of Zone One

daniel korsky

“Perhaps the most inexcusable failure of Khan’s time in office is the one that affects every person in this city, from Hillingdon to Havering, from Enfield to Croydon: crime and the state of the Met Police.”

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