Packers vs. Seahawks live scores, updates, highlights as Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson return


This Sunday afternoon match just got a lot more interesting.

A week ago, this match between Packers and Seahawks looked like it might include Jordan Love versus Geno Smith. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson are now expected to return for a matchup of two of the NFC’s top quarterbacks.

The last time these two quarterbacks met was on January 12, 2020, when the Packers beat the Seahawks 28-23 in the NFC Divisional Round.

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Wilson underwent surgery in October. 8 to deal with a serious finger injury that has sidelined him for three games this season. Prior to his injury, he had posted MVP numbers, having completed 72% of his passes for 1,196 yards passed with 10 touchdowns and a single interception.

In Wilson’s absence, Smith did well. He completed 70.5 percent of his passes for four touchdowns and no interceptions in his three games since Seattle, though the team only went 1-2 in those games.

Rodgers only missed last week’s game against the Chiefs after testing positive for COVID-19. Love looked like a rookie against the Chiefs, throwing a touchdown and interception while completing just 19 of 34 passes for 190 yards. Rodgers had placed the Packers at 7-1 before his diagnosis with 1,894 yards passed with 17 touchdowns and only three picks, with a completion rate of 67.1.

Sporting News tracks Packers vs Seahawks updates and highlights on Sunday. Follow below for NFL week 10 game results.

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Score Packers vs Seahawks

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F.
Seahawks 0 0
packers 0 3

Packers vs. Seahawks, highlights of week 10

All Eastern Times.

18:27: Another big gain from Jones, this time a pass from Rodgers. He takes him 24 yards to the Seattle 29-yard line.

18:25: The ruling on the ground was an interception. The call stands, and it’s Packers’ ball at 20. Jones responds by running 23 yards to Green Bay 43.

18:22: Wilson’s passage is – for sure – incomplete. The only question will be whether the ball was chosen by Kevin King or whether he dropped the ball at the last moment.

18:20: The Seahawks continue to take the field. Homer’s short pass for six yards turns into 3rd-and-3 and gives the Seahawks their first time at Green Bay 12.

18:17: Wilson connects with Metcalf on an 18-yard pass to move the Seahawks into Green Bay territory, up to the 37-yard line.

18:12: The punt was caught roughly at Seattle’s 37-yard line by Swain.

18:12: A holding penalty on what would have been a first down returns the Packers to the 9-yd line. The next game, Rodgers dumps a pass to Jones for four yards, but the Packers have to throw him away.

18:06: Dickson sends the ball to the Green Bay 13-yd-line.

18:05: After a first down, Wilson and the Seahawks are unable to go much further, with Wilson unable to connect with Swain on a deep pass.

18:02: The Seahawks will start the second half with the ball at the 25-yard line after a touchback at the kick-off.

Second quarter: Packers 3, Seahawks 0

17:48: Wilson gets a pass in the end zone, but it’s incomplete.

17:46: Called offensive hold that brings Seattle back to the Green Bay 45. This takes them out of the field of the goal, and the Seahawks will now try for a Ave Maria with four seconds left.

17:45: Great catch along the sideline by DK Metcalf moves the Seahawks to Green Bay 35. Wilson tries a deep shot at Tyler Lockett in the next game, but the ball falls incomplete.

17:44: Seattle uses its final timeout after a 9-yard catch from Everett took them to Green Bay 42.

17:41: Rodgers finds Lazard in the center, but a heavy shot from Tre Brown knocks the ball out of action. Seahawks with ball possession at 1:03 from their 34.

17:40: Dillon fails to gain the two yards needed for a first on 4th-and-2. The Packers try to take the Seahawks offside, but call a timeout. 1:07 at the end of the half with Green Bay still running on the fourth down.

17:36: The Packers wind the watch up to the two-minute warning.

17:34: The call on the field remains and the Packers keep possession. Rodgers immediately hits Aaron Jones with a quick pass to pick up the first down and move eight yards to Seattle’s 42-yard line.

5:30 in the afternoon: Rodgers gropes the ball, but is able to retrieve the ball at the 48-yd-line. Pete Carroll challenged the game.

17:26: Adams almost goes wild, but is barely caught after a 14 to Green Bay 35 gain.

17:22: Amari Rodgers returns the punt to Green Bay 17. Packers ball at 7:13 from the end of the half.

17:22: Wilson is sacked for a loss of 7 and the Seahawks will have to bet again.

17:20: The first play of the drive is Will Dissly’s 28-yard gain on a crossover course. Seahawks already in Packer territory.

17:19: The Seahawks will start their run from their 26.

17:15 Packers Score Game: Rodgers tries to find Cobb in the end zone, but DJ Reed interrupts the passage. Crosby comes out for the field goal from 27 yards and does it. The Packers take the lead 3-0.

17:11: Rodgers gets the first down on his own, running eight yards to move the chains and locate the Packers in Seattle 18.

17:09: That Rodgers-Adams connection looks dangerous again. Rodgers hits his favorite target with a 34-yard pass across the center of the field to move Green Bay to Seattle’s 21-yard line.

17:09: Cobb gets a blast of speed on a pass to the right, and cuts past the bottom first marker for a 6-yard gain.

17:07: Another first down through Dillon. This is a 12-yard screen pass to move Green Bay to 34.

17:06: Dillon goes on for a 7-yard gain to give the Packers a first down at 10pm.

First quarter: Packers 0, Seahawks 0

17:01: Seattle also goes to three. Dickson’s punt was caught roughly at the Green Bay 9-yard line.

16:57: Swain calls for the right capture at Seattle’s 49-yard line.

16:56: Rodgers attempts a deep faint at Allen Lazard, but falls incomplete, and Green Bay goes three and out.

16:51: A pass for a loss of six and a sack from Wilson forces the Seahawks to punt. Michael Dickson’s punt goes out of bounds at the Green Bay 7-yd line.

16:49: After a pass interference call moved the Seahawks to the Seattle 45-yard line, Collins rushed for consecutive gains of 10 and 6 to push the Seahawks into Green Bay territory.

16:48: Wilson’s first return is a 12-yard hold from Gerald Everett, who gets the first down to initiate the drive.

16:44: Correct catch on the Seattle 9-yard line by Freddie Swain to return possession to Seattle with 6:09 left in the first quarter.

16:44: AJ Dillon tries to get the first down on a 3rd-and-1 rush in the middle but is stopped for a loss of one. Green Bay wants to throw the ball.

16:39: Amari Rodgers returns a 46-yard punt nine yards at Green Bay’s 22-yard line.

16:38: The referees move the point back a few centimeters and decree it before the first down. It is the fourth down and the Seahawks will aim.

16:36: Wilson climbs eight yards for the first down.

16:34: The Seahawks begin their drive off with a 2-yard run from Alex Collins. Russell Wilson is forced out of his pocket on the next game and has to throw the ball away.

16:31: Mason Crosby’s attempt from 42 yards does not go well.

16:30: A holding penalty and a sack backed the Packers up to Seattle’s 32 yards to set Green Bay with a 3rd-and-22. Rodgers recovered nine yards with a pass to Adams, but will pull the field goal unit out.

16:28: Huge gain of 41 yards on a deep left pass from Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Packers to the Seahawks 20-yd line.

16:26: Rodgers immediately hit in front of Adams for a 3-yard pass, the first connection between the two in three weeks.

16:26: Malik Taylor kicks off 32 yards to Green Bay’s 36-yard line. Packers starting offense.

16:20: The Packers have made their entrance, with Aaron Rodgers leading them out of the tunnel.

Packers vs Seahawks start time

  • Date: Sunday 14 November
  • Weather: 4:25 PM ET

The Packers and the Seahawks are expected to begin their fight at 4:25 PM ET at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is one of four Sunday afternoon games, with the other matchups of the Panthers to the Cardinals, the Vikings to the Chargers and the Eagles to the Broncos.

Which channel is Packers vs. Seahawks?

The Sunday afternoon clash between Packers and Seahawks will be carried out by CBS. Jim Nantz will call play-by-play with Tony Romo providing analysis. Tracy Wolfson will report from the guidelines.

Fans will also have the option to stream the game via fuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial.

2021 Packers Program

Week Date opponent Kick-off time TV
1 September 12 to Santi 4:25 PM ET FOX
2 September 20 against lions 8:15 pm ET ESPN
3 September 26 to 49ers 8:20 pm ET CBS
4th October 3 against Steelers 4:25 PM ET CBS
5 October 10 to the Bengals 1pm ET FOX
6th October 17th to Bears 1pm ET FOX
7th October 24 against Washington 1pm ET FOX
8th October 28 to the cardinals 8:20 pm ET NFL / FOX
9 November 7 at the leaders 4:25 PM ET FOX
10 November 14 against Sehawks 4:25 PM ET CBS
11 November 21 to Vikings 1pm ET ESPN
12 ° November 28 against LA Rams 4:25 PM ET FOX
13 dec. 5 GOODBYE
14 dec. 12 ° against bears 8:20 pm ET NBC
15 ° dec. 19 ° to Ravens 1pm ET FOX
16 dec. 25 against the Browns 3:30 pm ET NFL / FOX
17th January 2 against the Vikings 8:20 pm ET NBC
18 ° January 9 with Lions 1pm ET FOX

The Seahawks 2021 schedule

Week Date opponent Kick-off time TV
1 September 12 at Colts 1pm ET Fox
2 September 19 against the Titans 4:25 PM ET CBS
3 September 26 to Vikings 4:25 PM ET Fox
4th October 3 to 49ers 4:05 PM ET Fox
5 October 7 (Thursday) against Rams 8:20 pm ET Fox / NFLN / Amazon
6th October 17th to Steelers 8:20 pm ET NBC
7th October 25 (Monday) against the saints 20:15 ESPN
8th October 31 against the jaguars 4:05 PM ET CBS
10 November 14 at Packers 4:25 PM ET CBS
11 November 21 against the cardinals 4:25 PM ET Fox
12 ° November 29 (Monday) in Washington 8:15 pm ET ESPN
13 dec. 5 against 49ers 8:20 pm ET NBC
14 dec. 12 ° in Texans 1pm ET Fox
15 ° dec. 19 ° to Rams 4:25 PM ET Fox
16 dec. 26 against bears 4:05 PM ET Fox
17th January 2 against lions 4:25 PM ET Fox
18 ° January 9 to the cardinals 4:25 PM ET Fox


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