Padstow Circular Walk – Rick Stein


Padstow has tons of promenades and coastlines to explore on your next Cornish vacation. One of our favorite routes starts in Padstow Harbor and follows the trail to Tregirl’s Beach, around Stepper Point, and back to Padstow. The views along the way are quite special – watch our video and follow the steps below.

Estimated time: 2 hours (4 miles)

1. To begin your walk, head to the northern end of the harbor.

2. Keep left on a wide, well-trodden path marked with the coastal path acorn symbol – this symbol will be your guide to Hawker’s Cove.

3. From here go up the hill to the parking lot and near Lellizzick take the road again, turn right and after about 100 meters take the path that branches off from the gate on the left. Follow the track around the edge of the fields.

4. When you reach a gateway, branch left towards the cliff (not fenced, so please take care of children and dogs); where near the Butter Hole you will join the coastal path.

5. Follow the cliff path to the right towards the Pepper Pot – erected to help sailors find the entrance to the Camel Estuary.

6. Go through the gap in the wall, just inland from the Pepper Pot, and cross the field to reach the lookout cabin, Stepper Point, manned by volunteers from the National Coastwatch Institute.

7. From the lookout hut a grassy path leads back along the ridge and back to Butter Hole.

8. Retrace your steps from Hawker’s Cove along the estuary and head down to Padstow for a well-deserved drink.


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