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Patrick Cowley was banned for 42 days after violating non-trier rules at Fontwell | Racing news


Conditional jockey Patrick Cowley was banned for 42 days for failing to reach the highest possible position on Get Supreme in Fontwell in September.

On Friday a disciplinary committee assessed whether Cowley had demanded sufficient effort from the horse and also asked if trainer Brian Barr had violated the rules by not giving sufficient instructions to the requesting rider.

The panel concluded that the race was intentional but not planned, with the horse subsequently banned from racing for 40 days by the race stewards.

Cowley told the panel: “I learned about the horse and when I asked him a question in the past he didn’t answer but it vanished when he was put under pressure.

“I had this in mind a lot at Fontwell. I think not being as vigorous as I could be on another horse, and actually trying to support him as much as possible helped the horse finish better than before.

“I drove it to reach its best possible final position.”

Barr – who was not found to have violated any rules – added, “Get Supreme has a mind of its own. It hasn’t shown any winning form and may not in its future.

“It was my feeling that Patrick did his best. He didn’t try to stop Get Supreme and there’s nothing sinister at stake here.

“I have been working with Patrick for a long time. I trust him and he did what he thought was best.

“In my opinion, he accepted defeat early, as did the riders around him after the last one. They are all beaten horses. His body language at that point is the same as those other jockeys.

“Could he have finished a lot closer with a more vigorous run? Most likely. He was honest after the race. I can call him a liar and fire him, but I won’t fire someone for doing what he thought was best.”



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