Pelosi and Biden prove the media is wrong about infrastructure


Corporate media and experts said the infrastructure had died multiple times only to be proven wrong by Pelosi and Biden.

Here is just one example of the headlines that suggested the infrastructure bill was doomed:

The headlines of “Democrats in Disarray” continued for months. Over and over, corporate media have told the American people that the Democrats would never do this.

PoliticusUSA and I have been telling our readers for months that the infrastructure will be built. The process would be messy, but at the end of the day it would pass.

The mainstream media is mostly made up of people with no experience in politics

How does the media get it wrong so often?

There are a few reasons.

First, most people who deal with politics in large retail outlets have no experience in government and politics. Most of these people do not have a degree in political science. They never worked in the government. The class of experts is different, but they are mostly paid to offer opinions and generate discussions. Experts don’t care if they’re right or wrong, as much as they get paid for the proverbial hot plug that’s oxygen for corporate media.

Equal size and scope are so similar to the Republican Party, the oxygen of the corporate media is division and controversy. Covering the slow and steady march to legislative success is boring for them, so they find the corners to stage the drama.

In the case of infrastructure, the drama never lived up to the reality that Democrats broadly supported the components of the bill itself. The six House Democrats who voted no to the infrastructure bill also support it. I disagree with the structure and timing of the vote.

The media ignored this fact and staged the drama.

Viewers and readers deserve better. They deserve to hear from people who are educated or experienced in the industry. (Full disclosure: I have political science and advanced education in politics and government.)

Some of the mainstream media are entertainment journalists, who are more interested in drama and controversy than actual politics, and when they fall down this rabbit hole, they risk painting a distorted picture for viewers and readers.

Support the reporters who were right about the infrastructure. Donate to PoliticusUSA:

Biden and Pelosi knew what they were doing

President Biden and President Pelosi were greeted by a chorus of opponents in the media as they went on to say that the infrastructure of the American people would be over.

The President and the Speaker of the House were right. They knew what they were doing. President Pelosi should go down in history as one of the House Presidents of all time. President Biden is on track for a historic presidency.

Build Back Better will be done.

Biden and Pelosi are doing what the media claimed was impossible and the American people should celebrate their success.


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