Perodua Alza production will end after 12 years, with a final construction of 1,100 units in January 2022


To say that the current Perodua Alza was a long-standing model for the automaker would be underestimating it – having made its debut in November 2009, the segment B MPV turns 12 this month, an eternity in the current scheme of things. Since then, the seven-seater has undergone two restylings, the first in January 2014 and the second in September 2018.

A replacement is originally due it is said that it will arrive at the end of 2021. Well, a new generation Alza is definitely on the cards, but it looks like the new D27A won’t appear this year. First, the current Alza, which is still under construction, must be called into question.

It will arrive in January next year when final production will take place. In a note to dealerships that was spotted by this publication, the company said it will cease production of the current Alza at the end of January, with the model being officially retired from February 2022.

The planned production numbers for the last three months were also revealed: this month 2,820 units of the Alza will be assembled in all variants, with 2,283 units planned for December. The final build will consist of 1,100 units in January.

The company says the reason for phasing out the car in February is due to the transition from Euro 2 to Euro 4 exhaust emission regulations starting January 1, 2022 (the rollout for existing vehicle models was originally taken from aims from the DOE for October 1, 2021).

However, the automaker said it was able to appeal for the production of the Alza to continue until January. Despite the new regulations, sales and registrations of the car will be allowed while stocks last.

Given these timelines (and the imminent debut of the third generation Myvi makeover), the reveal of the second generation of Alza looks like it will only happen next year. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the new car is likely borrow heavily from 2022 Toyota Avanza game book. Our previous D27A rendering post suggests what the new Alza could look like.

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