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Last week saw the release of this absolutely iconic Afro-fusion and R&B project EP, titled “Boundaries”, which saw the Nigerian R&B singer known as Phaemous collaborate with the rising British DJ and producer known as DJames. The five-track EP sees them experiment with his R&B style playing Afrobeats, electronic music and sexy saxophone dance tunes. This acts as a follow-up to Phaemous’s feature on the Miguel O’Syrah and Spykida single, titled “Late Night”; and also acts as a follow-up to DJames’ “Asake Mixtape” as well as his collaboration with Alpha P, titled “Whine”.

Phaemous, whose real name is Amaechi Chukwuemeka Bartholomew, is a talented R&B artist hailing from Abuja, Nigeria who has quickly become one of the industry’s most promising up-and-coming acts. With an impressive two million streams to his name, Phaemous seamlessly melds R&B with elements of Afro-fusion, creating a captivating, genre-defying sound. Inspired by legends like Michael Jackson and Chris Brown, Phaemous embarked on his musical journey while studying at the University of Ghana, where he recorded his first song to overwhelming acclaim. Upon returning to Nigeria, he continued to explore his unique sound, honing his skills and collaborating with other artists. As the firstborn and only son, Phaemous’s passion for music has been a lifelong pursuit, beginning with his involvement in school and church choirs. With Ucee’s guidance and continued musical exploration, Phaemous has created his own distinctive style, wowing listeners with hits like his most streamed song on Spotify, “Sapio-Medula,” which has half a million streams on the platform, with your collaboration. with Tim Lyre, titled “GBEDU”, which has a quarter of a million views. As he prepares to release his second solo EP, “Phæway Vol. 2,” Phaemous is poised to make a lasting impact on the R&B scene with his mesmerizing voice and boundary-pushing artistry.

As for DJames (pronounce Dee-James), he is a highly versatile and accomplished open format DJ and producer based in London. With a distinctive ability to blend Afro-Caribbean sounds across a wide range of genres, he has earned a dedicated fan base in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. As the 2019 Red Bull 3Style UK Champion, DJames has cemented his position as a force to be reckoned with in the DJ world. With notable roles as curator of Dancehall and Afrobeats for Beatsource, music editor for DJcity and regular DJ at Capital XTRA, he has established himself as a multifaceted figure in the music industry. His talent and experience have given him the opportunity to perform at high-profile events, from residencies in London’s West End to playing to massive crowds at major international sporting tournaments. In particular, DJames has caught the eye of big-name artists such as Drake, The Weeknd and Sean Kingston, joining them on their UK tours for unforgettable sold-out shows. With collaborations scheduled in Nigeria, Ghana and Jamaica, DJames is set to further expand his global presence and continue to make waves in the music scene.

Speaking about the EP, Phaemous said: “The whole project is inspired by the love that DJames and I have for R&B and Afrobeats, which is why we were able to meld both genres to deliver such a satisfying listening experience. We wanted the opportunity to show our versatility, and I think we did.”

Adding to this, DJames said: “As a DJ and producer, I love discovering new talent, so working with Phaemous is very exciting for me. I saw his talent and thought this project would be the perfect opportunity to show what we could do together.”

Listen to “Boundaries” by Phaemous and DJames on Spotify here:

The EP kicks off with “MIA”, with DJames showcasing his artistic production skills with sultry saxophone sounds mixed with a rhythmic R&B beat and Afrobeat drums creating a genre-defying distorted track that is truly unforgettable due to the skillful combination of vibrations. Add in the amazing vocals of Phaemous that dip and soak into the incredible sound with vocal senses that mirror the passionate lyrics of wondering why his love interest walked away from him. This emotional and relatable song kicks off this EP perfectly and sets the stage for track two, titled “What Is Love?”. This track highlights Phaemous’s emotional vocals, stripping it down to a deep R&B ballad that hits hard as the lyrics compare love and money. A rhythmic drum drives the beat, but it’s Phaemous who showcases his artistry, blending his R&B vocals with Afro-fusion melodies, creating a soulful, soulful track that stays with the listener for the rest of the day.

“Locked Up” follows next, plunging into a dynamic, perpetual drum beat that allows DJames to experiment with subtle background sounds to emphasize the track, while Phaemous brings his signature style with an upbeat flavor that definitely adds to this track. track a more conventional feel. “First Time” is the fourth track on the “Boundaries” EP, and it maintains the upbeat beat of the previous track, but adds jazzy keyboards with DJames checking in and mixing up the vibe, while Phaemous adds some racy lyrics for a sexier voice. and they deliver an R&B. -Pop energy mixed with his characteristic afro-pop sound. The last track, titled “Dreaming,” starts off sensuously slow before DJames adds some upbeat drums and seductive jazzy saxophone segments, while Phaemous brings it on with R&B vocals that send chills through the listener and pair well with the backing track. . But, these artists add a surprise on this track, with Phaemous giving a rap verse that suits him perfectly and we’re sure it’s this part here that would seal the deal and see him get the woman he’s been with. ringing.

Listen to “What Is Love?”, our favorite song from the EP, on Spotify here:

“Boundaries”, the EP from Phaemous and DJames, is available to download and stream right now on all platforms via Remitano Entertainment, Kick It and EMPIRE. Keep an eye out for Phaemous’s next EP, titled “Phæway Vol. 2”, which is due out later in the year.

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