[PICS] Crashed 2021 Corvette at Copart Should Be Offered at “Half” Price


Too bad for the poor person who probably waited months and months to get the delivery, only to crash this 2021 Corvette coupe into unknown objects after enjoying just 5,166 miles behind the wheel.

The remains of this Red Mist 2LT Stingray are currently listed on Copart, where it is labeled as lot no. 59250281 of Fort Worth, Texas in an “incoming lot”. This means, according to Copart, that he has not yet been assigned to an auction and is not yet eligible for bidding, but can be added to member checklists so that members can keep track of when the sale dates are. have been assigned and the vehicles are ready for bidding.

[PICS]    The crashed 2021 Corvette at Copart should be offered at a price

As a glance at the photos will quickly show you, the car will require extensive work on the front passenger side, which is essentially missing.

It is especially fortunate for the salespeople that Chevy had the foresight to move the LT2 engine to the center of the car, as the 495 horsepower powerplant appears to have escaped the brunt of the crash. In fact, Copart says the car was still running when they took delivery.

[PICS]    The crashed 2021 Corvette at Copart should be offered at a price

Another good news is that the Adrenaline Red interior is practically intact, apart from the airbag deployed on the steering wheel. Apparently, there was no one in the passenger seat because that airbag is still behind the dash panel.

Estimated retail value, according to Copart’s website, is $ 115,125, but obviously it was destroyed before the crash half of the front end. It will be interesting to see what this will end up recovering, right?

[PICS]    The crashed 2021 Corvette at Copart should be offered at a price

How much would you be willing to pay for a Stingray that, even when restored to normal, will never be worth as much as one that has never been involved in an accident?

Copart.com through autoevolution.com

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