Poll Reveals Voters Aren’t As Stupid As Polis Hoped, Mocking Proposition HH – News Block

A shocking new poll reveals that Colorado voters are not as stupid as Governor Polis thought when he convinced his Democratic legislature to swindle us out of even more of our hard-earned money through Proposition HH.

Magellan Strategies, which conducted the poll, found that when respondents find out what’s really on the ballot question, support drops sharply and opposition rises.

See? No stupid.

There has been so much media spin (shock) about this tax concoction that it is understandably difficult for the average Coloradan to comprehend what the end result of Polis’s plan will be.

Simply put, cutting taxes actually increases taxes.

Does it look like this.

And the poll shows that voters don’t like being ripped off once they understand they’re being ripped off.

The survey was funded by Magellan Strategies to provide elected officials, the media, and other reliable data on voter sentiment.

“Proposition HH is one of the most difficult ballot measures that will be presented to Colorado voters,” the company said in a statement.

Simply put, the measure would put some limits on how much property taxes would increase next year, while at the same time decreasing payroll tax refunds through the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights Act (TABOR).

In other words, property taxes keep going up, and local governments and school boards can still pass even more property taxes, and in return you have to pay higher payroll taxes until you’ve basically turned in your TABOR refund. .

Read the survey results for yourself here.

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