Porsche Taycan recall issued for nearly 12,000 cars

Porsche Taycan pre-collision automatic hazard lights violate federal safety standards.

– A Porsche Taycan recall affects nearly 12,000 2020-2021 model Taycan cars with automatic pre-collision hazard lights that can activate in non-emergency situations.

Porsche says the systems work as intended, but activating the hazard lights in non-emergency situations could confuse other drivers.

Porsche learned of the problem in late August, when engineers determined that the Taycans are “programmed with an automatic pre-collision hazard warning light activation logic that may exceed the automatic activation functionality” allowed by US safety standards.

Porsche notes that the function is permitted in other markets.

Porsche believes that the pre-collision hazard lights “provide a distinct safety advantage,” but the automatic activation of the hazard warning lights still violates safety standards.

Taycan drivers will know of the problem because the turn signals in the instrument clusters and the emergency signal controls will indicate any activation of the hazard lights.

Porsche dealers will solve the problem by reprogramming the cars to remove the pre-collision hazard warning lights functions.

Porsche says the Taycan recall notices are expected to be shipped on December 13, 2021.

Porsche Taycan owners can call 800-767-7243 and use the AMC1 recall number.


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