Prepare personally by region

Find out what disasters, such as wildfires, happen in your region.
(By GomezDavid, courtesy of iStockphoto)

Emergencies tend to catch us when we are not looking. So we have to plan for them. But being prepared isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The preparation looks different based on where you live.

Natural disasters and disease epidemics can happen anywhere. But not all states are equally affected. The Federal Emergency Management Agency tracks disasters for each state. Since 1953, California has had most fire emergencies with 227. People in New York and Virginia experience more snow emergencies. Those in Georgia and Arkansas have the most tornadoes. Florida and North Carolina are more likely to be affected by hurricanes. Each state is different.

Fortunately, we can predict when and where some disasters will happen. They tend to repeat themselves in the same location. But sometimes we don’t get a warning, so it’s important to prepare for your area.

The first step in preparing yourself is to identify disasters in your community. Hurricanes, earthquakes Other winter storms they will require several steps and emergency supplies. Read carefully the information sheets most relevant to you. If you don’t see a link for a common disaster in your region, we have other tips online.

Once you have identified common disasters in your area, make a plan. Ask yourself what you should include in yours emergency escort. How many water You will need? Talk about a emergency evacuation route with your friends and family.

Once you’ve put together a custom plan, practice it. If you have children, practice with them too. You need home emergency drills like in school. While preparation isn’t for everyone, everyone can prepare for probable disasters. This can make them a little less disastrous!


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