Pressa talks about what initially attracted him to Coi Leray and their relationship in a new interview: “I thought he looked like me … The relationship is great, we don’t clash.”


Roommates, Coi Leray e Press they quickly became one of the hottest couples of hip hop youth. During a recent interview with @HotNewHipHop, Press gave her fans a little insight into their relationship and what makes it work. Speaking about why he was initially attracted to Coi, Pressa said: “I thought he looked like me. I thought he was like me. We have the same birthday, basically. May 10 and May 11.”

The press went on to add that not only is it their relationship in a good place, but they don’t entertain the hate of social media. “The relationship is great. And sweet. We don’t collide. No confrontation around here. We’re out getting all this money. We don’t care about any son of a bitch comments. It doesn’t come from anyone who has nothing to do in life. We don’t care about any son of a bitch living outside Mom’s house tweeting. They have to understand their life before they try to understand our s ** t, “he said.

For fans who thought they recently met before starting their relationship, Pressa confirmed that she actually met Coi later in the day. She stated: “Yes. I met her a long time ago when I was in the studio, but she didn’t remember me.”

She further explained that their musical connection occurred after he contacted her about skipping on her “Attachments” track. “I recorded the song at Paramount, then released it and it performed well. I wanted to bring Coi to “Attachments”, so I contacted him and did it. The rest is history from there. “

Well, it looks like these two are definitely going strong.

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