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The Galaxy Ring was the most exciting thing at Samsung Unpacked on Wednesday. I traveled to Paris to purchase this Ring and was wondering if there was a place for it in my ecosystem of Apple devices. I figured I could pair the Galaxy Ring with the Apple Watch to give me continuous health and (some) fitness tracking.

With its battery lasting for days, the Galaxy Ring would continue to collect data even when I had to recharge my Apple Watch. That data would eventually make its way to the Apple Health app right after going through the Samsung Health app I would have to install on my iPhone. At least that was my hope.

Boy, was I wrong… but I saw that coming too.

Apple has kept the Apple Watch exclusive to the iPhone. Even if such a partnership sounds exciting, you can’t buy a Galaxy Flip 6 and pair it with an Apple Watch. So I wasn’t surprised when I was told that you need an Android phone for a Galaxy Ring to work. It doesn’t have to be a Samsung phone, either.

That said, the Galaxy Ring is now available for pre-order, but this won’t be your usual gadget-buying experience. You’ll need to go through the sizing process to ensure you get the right Galaxy Ring for your finger.

The sizing kit

When you pre-order the Galaxy Ring, you’ll receive a sizing kit containing nine plastic rings to help you determine your size. I tried on the sizing kit before the Unpacked event, which left me a little confused, but that was only because I had a few minutes to decide which size to try. You’ll have more time at home.

The Galaxy Ring Sizing Kit.
The Galaxy Ring Sizing Kit. Image Source: Chris Smith, BGR

Size 11 fit my thumb and index finger, but not the others. You see where I’m going with this. When you order your Galaxy Ring, you’ll need to decide which finger you want to wear it on. You may need different sizes for different fingers, so be prepared to spend some time on the sizing kit.

I wouldn’t spend $800 on two rings; that would be excessive. The Galaxy Ring doesn’t have as many features as a Galaxy Watch, so there’s no reason to consider getting more than one. But you’ll need a snug fit so the sensors can stay in contact with your skin and capture data.

Various Galaxy Ring models on display.
Several Galaxy Ring models on display. Image credit: Chris Smith, BGR

I will also tell you that the Galaxy Watch 7 — complete with a faster chip, much better fitness tracking capabilities, Galaxy AI functionality, and a new sensor array on the back — starts at just $299.99. It might be a better idea than the Galaxy Ring, especially if you’re shopping within a designated budget.


Speaking of options, once you decide on the size and finger, you can choose the color. The Galaxy Ring is made of titanium and has three color options: titanium black, titanium silver, and titanium gold.

I tried the gold model during a briefing before Wednesday’s event, but I played around with the other colors a bit. I’d go for the silver version for myself.

Galaxy Ring feels like a normal ring.
Galaxy Ring feels like a normal ring. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

The ring itself weighs less than 3 grams. It’s very light and comfortable, and I could see myself wearing the device 24 hours a day if it only worked with the iPhone. Sleep tracking is one of the focuses of the Galaxy Ring and the reason to have the wearable on your finger at all times.

Battery life is rated at up to 7 days for the larger sizes or 6 days for the smaller ones. According to Samsung, the case that comes with it provides an additional 10 days of battery life. Pair the Ring with a Galaxy Watch and the former’s battery life will improve by about 30%.

Pricing and pre-order details

The Galaxy Ring is available for pre-order in the US starting July 10 and will ship to your door on July 24. Just make sure you go through the entire sizing process quickly enough to get the wearable shipped to you on the release date.

There is no real way to save money with Galaxy Ring. But you should know that there are no other hidden costs. All health apps are free, with no subscription required.

Galaxy Ring comes in a clear box, which also acts as a charger.
Galaxy Ring comes in a clear case, which also acts as a charger. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

Samsung is running a limited-time promotion for buyers who pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Flip 6, Galaxy Watch Ultra, or Galaxy Buds 3 series. If you purchase a second device at the same time as one of the others, you’ll get a 25% discount.

The alternative is to wait for pre-orders to end and give the Galaxy Ring a few months. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some nice discounts on wearables in the near future. What I would be surprised to see is Samsung bringing the Galaxy Ring to the iPhone. And so begins my wait for the Apple Ring that will inevitably arrive.


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