Just at the time when Prigozhin, head of the Russian Wagner Group, decided on his act of mutiny today, the US and India were celebrating a fresh start in their relations. Only a week or two ago it was clear that the American elites had decided they had to start loving-bombing the Indians. It also seems that there was an intention to do the same with respect to the Chinese. These activities were obviously designed to achieve two objectives. Of course, to undermine Russia by giving the impression that it was more isolated than it appeared to be, to create a division between these nations and Russia by drawing them towards them by these means, and to stop the drift of the nations towards the BRICS.

Of course, much of the apparent success of Modi’s visit to Washington may be superficial and will not affect India’s relationship with Russia in the slightest. But these days so much importance is attached to appearances and these facades seem to have more power behind them than in the past. This is due to the apparent fickle nature of nations right now in the absence of overwhelming US power. Nations are leaning toward eastern rather than western loyalties these days. This shoring up operation is clearly an effort to restore balance as well, even if it is only a superficial phenomenon and not something deeper. The US political elites are in dire need of a confidence boost right now, as the events in Ukraine seem to deliver them an even worse humiliation than even the withdrawal from Afghanistan provided them.

And they need to give the appearance that it is they who are unified with the world, not increasingly with Russia. They desperately want to derail the idea that Russia is accepted and that they are left out.

Prigozhin has now given them a great gift. The leaders of the collective West can now point to an “unstable” Russia that is revealing itself as a nation at war with itself and a militarized government that is on the verge of being replaced. That the replacement is as fierce an enemy to them as it is against the Russian Defense Ministry is irrelevant at this point when they see the potential to disrupt the way Russia is viewed by nations they want to bring back into the fold.

Biden has undermined Blinken’s partial love-bombing operation in Beijing, but the main one appears to have been completely successful with respect to India.

This sent Russia off at a time when it appears the Ukrainian regime is gearing up for a big push, likely to coincide with its patrons’ next meeting on July 10. And just as several nations are eagerly seeking to join the BRICS.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time if it had been planned that way.

Fortunately for the Russian president, government and military, an agreement was reached thanks to the assistance of Alexandr Grigorievič Lukašenko of Belarus. Details of the deal have not yet been made public, but are rumored to include Prigozhin’s replacement as incumbent head of the Wagner Group and also Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu, Russia’s Defense Minister and Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the army. Russian.

For all intents and purposes, the confusing events of the last 24 hours are resolved. Wagner’s forces have returned to their bases and will reportedly soon sign contracts to become inextricably linked to the Russian military. It is believed that tomorrow the focus will once again be on defeating the Ukrainian enemy and the gradual liberation of the Donbass region.

Due to the brevity of this incident, Russia will escape major damage, much to the chagrin of Zelensky, his entourage, and Western political support personnel. The unity of the Russian people to act in support of their president in times of danger to national sovereignty appears to have been strengthened. The last 24 hours will be forgotten rather quickly because of this brief episode at the end of Prigozhin’s time as Wagner’s emcee. As long as this is the end of this particularly dangerous path.

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