Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth had a terrible fight over Camilla


Even though it’s been years, people are still clamoring about marriage and subsequent divorce Prince Charles Other Princess Diana. The most recent revelation? Queen Elizabeth he refused to allow Charles to marry his longtime fiancée Camilla Parker Bowles after her divorce, using such harsh language that her eldest son and heir would be reduced to tears.

Prince Charles’ desire to move forward

Shortly after his separation from Princess Diana, Prince Charles was reportedly eager to move on with his life and marry Camilla Parker Bowles, with whom he would have an affair while married to Diana. According to investigative reporter Tom Bower, he approached the queen to ask for her blessing to move in with Camilla.

This proved to be a daunting task. The royal family were extremely angry with Carlo for continuing to see Camilla while he was married to Diana and even after their marriage was over. “Not only did they not want her present at any real, formal or informal function; they actively disapproved of her and Charles’s relationship with her, ”Bower wrote in his book The rebel prince: the power, passion and challenge of Prince Charles.

Queen Brands Camilla an “evil woman”

Queen Elizabeth, who allegedly drank some martinis before the fight, quickly cut him off, saying she would not forgive the adultery or forgive Camilla for the hand she had in destroying Charles and Diana’s marriage. He also reportedly called her an “evil woman” with whom he “wanted nothing to do”.

Prince Charles was so upset upon hearing this, that he rushed out of the room and made a “tearful” phone call to Camilla, telling her what had happened. Queen Elizabeth was also rumored to have asked Charles to end his relationship with Camilla following the death of Princess Diana.

It’s no secret that the royal family was not a fan of Camilla, now Duchess of Cornwall. Although the two were in a relationship before meeting Diana, Charles was told that Camilla was too experienced to be his bride, having already dated multiple men. She later married Andrew Parker Bowles, but she and the Duke of Wales continued their relationship.

After both divorced from their respective partners, Camilla was still deemed unsuitable for marriage, due to the fact that she was divorced.

Camilla and Queen get along “very well” today

Carlo and Camilla at the end he married in 2005 after a long battle to get the Queen’s approval. However, Queen Elizabeth has grown fond of the Duchess of Cornwall over the years, and the two are reportedly “getting along very well” today.

In a speech delivered on the occasion of Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, the Queen mentioned Camilla and acknowledged her role in helping shape the future monarch. With reports of the queen’s poor health, many are wondering if Camilla is ready to become queen herself.


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