Prince Harry in “Anxiety Shot” for fear of Queen Elizabeth’s health?


After the royal insiders announced Queen Elizabeth he had spent a couple of nights in the hospital last week, several people worried about his health. According to a tabloid, Prince Harry he is among those most concerned about the Queen’s health. gossip cop investigate to see if this narrative is, in fact, true.

Is Prince Harry “waiting on the phone” anxiously?

According to Women’s day, Prince Harry was sent on an “anxiety loop” after hearing the news that Queen Elizabeth was in the hospital. The tabloid notes that Prince Harry kept the phone close to make sure he never misses any important calls.

“Harry, like William, was quite shocked at the thought that the Queen was in the hospital,” says an insider. Apparently, Prince Harry has “waited anxiously to know if he should jump on a plane to go home and visit her”.

However, the insider says Prince Harry has been assured that his grandmother is fine and “recovering well” so far. “The royal helpers won’t want him running around the building increasing anyone’s stress levels,” notes the source.

According to the outlet, Prince Harry is so anxious because he “never forgave himself” for missing the call by saying his grandfather, Prince Philip, is dead. Now, with his grandmother’s health arousing concern, “Harry wishes nothing like this would ever happen again.”

Is Prince Harry Really On Tilt?

While this story of Women’s day certainly has truthful elements, gossip cop believes it is a huge exaggeration. Yes, Prince Harry is (obviously) worried about his grandmother and worried about her health. Which grandson wouldn’t he be? However, a “turn of the tail of anxiety” is certainly an exaggeration. Sources of the building recently announced Queen Elizabeth is back to work and he’s recovering well.

Plus, this tabloid doesn’t have the most accurate history of royal family coverage. For example, a couple of years ago, the tabloid argued Queen Elizabeth was handing over the throne to Kate Middleton in place of Prince Charles. Debunking this story was all too easy. Queen Elizabeth cannot choose the next in line despite who wants to rule the country after her. If a tabloid can’t even grasp the basic rules of royal succession, they shouldn’t be heard.

The magazine’s other bogus reports

Another reason gossip cop is finding the latest Women’s day the hard-to-believe story is his unreliable story with Harry himself. The outlet once proclaimed that Meghan Markle what made Harry do a paternity test to spite Prince Charles, who turned out to be false. He also published a bogus story about Prince William feud with the Sussex over Princess Diana’s watch. There is no reason to trust the outlet.


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