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Prince William and Kate Middleton share a home video to celebrate their 10th anniversary

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Prince william other Kate middleton celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with the public by sharing an intimate home video of themselves on a seaside excursion with their three children, Jorge, Charlotte other Lewis.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posted this heartfelt video of their family on Thursday on Kensington Royal’s official social media accounts, writing: “Thank you all for the kind messages on our wedding anniversary. We are enormously grateful for the 10 years of support that we have received in our life as a family. WC. “In the video, the royal couple can be seen enjoying a cold day at the beach with their children, wearing coordinated olive green waterproof jackets as they climb the sand dunes, chase each other along the shore, hugging and laughing with each other William and Kate also shared two new official portraits taken by the photographer. Chris floyd at Kensington Palace to commemorate a decade together, in which they can be seen hugging and smiling while wearing matching blue suits.

Her wedding day may be ten years ago now, but Kate still hasn’t forgotten the people who helped make that occasion so special. According to Fiona cairns, the woman who designed the royal wedding cake, the Duchess still keeps in touch. “We were very lucky to be at the wedding that afternoon,” Cairns told Us weekly. “I received a phone call on my mobile to say that the couple had said that the cake was beyond their expectations. That was not from the couple; it was actually from someone at Buckingham Palace who had had a conversation. And then after that, me. [have] I spoke to Kate a couple of times and received letters, and yes, the cake was a success. “

Cairns also confessed that the Duchess “was the visionary” behind the confection that featured eight tiers comprised of seventeen individual fruit cakes and decorated with around 900 individually frosted flowers and leaves. “She is really very creative,” he said. “I think fruitcake in America is not something that people choose to eat. [their] wedding, but that’s very traditionally what couples do, well, not so much these days, but going back to the time of Queen Victoria, Queen Victoria started the tradition of fruit cake as a wedding cake. And it was really the rich who could afford it and then it became more common. “Cairns added that the wedding” was the most spectacular and wonderful occasion … It was majestic and it was a great historical occasion, but it also felt quite intimate. “

One of the team of fifty embroiderers who worked on Kate’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress also revealed to People This week they worked on her dress until the night before the ceremony. “Kate had her last test at (designer Alexander McQueen) Sarah burtonin the hall early in the morning the day before her wedding ”, the embroiderer Chloe wild remembered. He explained that brides often lose dramatic amounts of weight just before the big day, so in anticipation of that, “they hadn’t finished fitting the seams yet. We had most of it in the dress, but we had left the lace loose at the seam to accommodate the final fit. “That’s why her team had to stay up late the night before the wedding, finishing the dress and adjusting the laces. She explained: “Around 10pm Sarah Burton did her final inspection, then we packed everything neatly and handed it over to the guy accompanying Kate’s dress. Then we went to the pub for a drink! “

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