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Princess Kate has developed a “radical new way” of raising her children, an expert has claimed.

The 42-year-old Princess of Wales is said to have ensured that her family followed a more modern approach to parenting.

Their home life is unlike many generations of royals, in that everyone gets in the way, to some degree. They don’t have a full-time housekeeper and they try to divide the daily chores between the five of them.

Royal expert Daniela Elser alleged that despite her private upbringing, Kate had a relatively normal upbringing. And, according to experts, she wants to pass this on to her children: George, Charlotte and Louis.

Her “starting point” is said to have been making sure her husband William was on the same page.

Kate Middleton dressed in orange hat and dress
Princess Kate has used William as her ‘starting point’, royal expert claims (Credit: Splash News)

Princess Kate changes tradition

Elser told “Her starting point: husband, Prince William, who has already done more parenting than centuries of emotionally stunted and imposing heirs before him have combined.”

She then added: “That rinse strategy spills over into their home life, where the young HRH trio is busy learning about the power of pre-rinsing and how to add their own milk to their Frosties.”

Tom Quinn, royal biographer, elaborated for the Daily Beast, revealing that Kate has a “slightly tweaked” culture.

Quinn said of Kate: “She insisted that William be involved at bedtime, reading to the children and bathing them. And they divided the school career. She doesn’t like the press attention on children, but not having suffered from it herself as a child, she has a less emotional attitude.

“She thinks she can control it in such a way that it doesn’t harm them. And to be fair, she has worked: the paparazzi no longer hang around the school gates. They are allowed some freedom, ”she alleged then.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
The Prince and Princess began dating in 2001 (Credit: Splash News)

Kate and William face a big decision

And while Kate wants the children to have as normal an upbringing as possible, she has tough decisions ahead of her.

With Prince George set to turn 10 later this month, high school is the next step. But is sending the kids to a boarding school the right way to go? Royal expert Jennie Bond thinks not.

In an interview with OK! magazine, he said: “The choice of school for the boys will tell us a lot about William and Catherine. So far, they have been such active parents and I personally think it would be sad to see them send their children to boarding school.

“I would applaud the decision to keep them as day students at schools close to home. But I think both William and Catherine were happy at boarding school. I suppose that is what they know and maybe they will want to pass this experience on to their children”.

He then added: “I imagine it will be all or nothing, that is, all three of them will go to school, or none. I will be cheering loudly if you choose to keep your children close and nurture them through their teens as you have nurtured them through their young years.”

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