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Priyanka Chopra insists that she and Nick Jonas are not defined by each other!

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Priyanka chopra other Nick Jonas They have a huge fan base both in the United States and internationally, and that’s great for their careers! At the same time, however, the downside to all of this is that there is a lot of gossip about their personal lives and that can sometimes overshadow their achievements, especially in the case of the actress!

Priyanka admitted, while on a podcast episode not too long ago, that this can be quite frustrating at times.

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At the same time, he acknowledged that it makes sense that the public is so fascinated with their personal lives since the couple is so private about it.

As far as she’s concerned, that kind of curiosity is part of someone’s job in the entertainment industry.

However, she knows that at the end of the day, it’s up to her to draw the line no matter how hard it is to juggle that concept.

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The star emphasized that you just have to be ‘realistic’ about it.

Priyanka also spoke a bit more about her husband, sharing that she couldn’t be more proud of the fact that Nick Jonas has as many scripts as she does.

After all, they are both apparently equally creative and they also manage to lean on each other so that they can improve every day, learning a lot from each other!

But that’s not to say that one of them is somehow defined by the other, no matter how hard the media tries to make it look that way!

As for her career, fans will be able to see her in some big projects soon.

After all, Priyanka is currently working on a web series with the Russo brothers.

Plus, he also has another great concert on the way – his role in Matrix 4!

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