Professional Gambling: Is This Career Worth Considering?


Working as a professional gambler might sound like a fantasy career, but the truth is that it’s a real, legitimate job that many people around the world work in, with many making a lucrative income from it. If you enjoy playing casino games and placing bets to make some extra money in your spare time, gambling and playing casino games to make a living might sound like an ideal career option for you. The growth in popularity of online casinos and online gambling has made it even more possible for gamblers to turn their hobby into a professional, full-time way of making money. However, getting into this career isn’t that simple as it’s not all down to luck, and you will need to be dedicated to building the right skills and using the right strategies to outperform your opponents. 

Why Become a Professional Gambler?

Becoming a professional gambler and making money from one of your favourite hobbies might be an ideal choice for anybody who enjoys playing casino games and wants to get rich without feeling like they are working hard. However, this role comes with a range of pros and cons that you’ll need to bear in mind before you get started. One of the main benefits of working as a full-time professional gambler is that it is often a very flexible job role that allows you to choose your own working hours and be your own boss. However, there is also the risk of substantial losses, which could pose a threat to your financial security. 

Job Responsibilities and Working Hours

If a 9-5 work schedule or working from the same office every day isn’t something that appeals to you, the idea of gambling professionally might be something you find interesting. When you gamble for a living, you will get to choose your own hours and decide whether you want to play at a traditional or an online casino. Along with this, you’ll also have plenty of choices when it comes to whether you want to play traditional casino games like poker and blackjack, or whether you want to get into sports betting. However, your working hours are likely to be longer than the hours that you spend actually placing bets and playing casino games. You will need to spend a lot of time practicing to improve your skills, which you can do at a reputable online casino like Play Live Casino. Play Live is the biggest casino in South Africa with a great reputation for security and a wide range of games to choose from. 

How Much You Can Earn

While professional gamblers don’t usually earn a traditional salary, there is a huge potential for increasing your earnings depending on how skilled you are, how often you play, and how much you are willing to bet. The amount that you earn from professional gambling will depend on how much and how often you win, which can sometimes make it difficult to determine how much money you’ll earn as it certainly won’t be a set amount each month. Because of this, it’s important to have an emergency fund ready before you get into this type of work, as this will provide you with some financial stability for any months where you don’t get as lucky with the cards compared to others. 

Skills You Need to Succeed

While you do not need to have a formal education to play casino games professionals, there are certain skills and qualities that you will need if you decide to work in this career. In order to succeed, you will need to have great record keeping and money management skills so that you can track your earnings and make sure that you stay in control of your budget and bankroll. Professional gamblers will also need to be great with time management and able to set firm boundaries for themselves when it comes to how much time they spend on the job each day. You’ll also need to be good at managing your stress levels and self-aware enough to know when it is best for you to take a break. 

Professional Development

While gambling professionally might not be a conventional career option, there will still be many options for developing yourself professionally. There are lots of things that you can do to get better at your work as a professional gambling. If you play online, you should be sure to play on all the biggest and well-known sites along with being among the first to check out newer sites. Many professional gamblers also make an additional income from running training sessions for new players, creating online tutorials, running workshops or even writing books, which can help you take your career to a new level. 

If you enjoy playing casino games and want to be able to do this more often, gambling professionally is a career option worth thinking about. 


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