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I will never forget seeing the movie Young guns – I was white with excitement like Billy the Kid’s Regulators they mounted their horses.

And now, much of the nation needs to recall it: all Caucasians, saddle.

So says a professor from the south.

Reportedly, regulation – Refregulation, in fact – is the answer to pervasive pale people violence.

You are yellow-skinned Americans all Young Guns, and we need you to holster your racist revolvers.

In a recent episode of the white-skinned podcast, University of Arkansas Professor Lisa Corrigan got her white wax.

Evidently, people fishing are currently just parts of themselves.

But look what whites can do if they just reach completion:

“When whites are whole, they don’t go out lynching people. When they feel whole – instead of anger – they’re not out, you know, shooting schools ”.

It seems like a dream.

Currently, we are immersed in a nightmare.

Presenter Stephen Hintz speculated:

“I think it’s part of what whiteness takes away from us, it’s a piece of our humanity.”

As indicated by Lisa – who, like Stephen, is white – “[W]high supremacy it is this huge system that has infiltrated all parts of our social existence. “

Furthermore, “whites always feel inadequate because they don’t feel cultural competence.”

And if not-BIPOC you didn’t know, you are amoral:

“[I]It’s not … it’s not the responsibility of people of color, to go and fix up whites who are dysregulated and, you know, alienated and they have no ethics, and they have no philosophy, and they have no moral center. “

Fortunately, Lisa is “cutting off the flow of white supremacy”.

As an author, she has been concerned with the liberation of blacks. And he’s here to enlighten Opie Taylor types:

“[T]The rejection I have received comes almost exclusively from whites. … It really wasn’t blacks or people of color who said, ‘Please don’t talk about all these amazing things in our history.’ They obviously said, ‘Please tell the whites.’ “

Some of you are resistant, but she is chock full of charity:

“[White people] wants to avoid. … So I try to be very generous to whites, even when I charge them for their participation in social violence, to say like, “You don’t know what you’re doing, please let me help you understand. You know, it’s like. .. I’m helping out “.

But wait – there’s more milky malevolence:

“Sex / gender is a vector of race. So, you know, sexual panic arises because of racial panic. And so all this, kind of anti-trans bath, trans-jock stuff is basically just anti-black. “

Dr. Lisa wrote on “Riots as a language “. And when by George Floyd Death wreaked havoc, people turned to her for answers – was it the same as the 1960s?

He instructed them:

“Listen… in 1968 there were no whites in their homes with black activism signs. They didn’t put up signs in their home that said “I support the civil rights movement”. … So… this is… different… where whites… feel like there’s a political cover to investigate the story of whiteness and white supremacy. They want more cultural competence, but they come from communities that have shunned it: their churches, their families, their workplaces. So now there is an opportunity to talk about it … so it was good, I think. “

It seems to me that the people who put signs in their courtyards achieve the clear triumph of absolute nothingness, as is the custom of our current culture of empty acts.

In the 1960s, by contrast, whites and blacks fought for integration in ways that changed the system.

But maybe I need further reading.

By the way, Lisa’s latest book is Black Feelings: Race and affection in the long sixties.

“The book… is about how whites intentionally interpret black thinking as a black feeling. So when blacks make claims about self-determination, whites say, “They’re angry.” … [T]hey, they also read that anger as hatred of whites, right? As a way to manage one’s anxiety about one’s complicity in social violence ”.

It is a walking victory for his aberrated race. Even so, if a non-white had written his publication, the bias would have prevailed:

“I am a white person who writes books on black power and civil rights. And on the one hand, yes, it’s progressive for whites. And on the other hand, I will get a reward for writing those books, when a black person could write a similar book and would never be rewarded in the same way, right? So there is no ‘outside’ of white supremacy. … Everyone is complicit in it. “

Fortunately, it is awakening the white world.

However, it does not consider itself overly evangelical:

“I don’t feel very ‘missionary’ about it, except, like, whites need to have better cultural competence.”

So how can we prevent you weak-looking ones from exercising wickedness?

Cheaters without apple, rejoice: the doctor has provided a prescription.

As mentioned earlier, those with lighter skin need to “adjust” emotionally.

For the professor, it is necessary to “think of the ‘dysregulation’ of whites as what it produces [this] violence”.

In the meantime, however, the prospects are bleak:

“[T]The way America is turning brown, you know, if we can’t control all of this – you know, white nationalist, Christian nationalist, white supremacy – that the United States in the next 20 years will become an apartheid nation … “

What is our recipe for avoiding it?

Lisa “would be happy with safe and protected voting rights”.

Fingers crossed.

For white readers who need a reminder of what to do, there’s just not a regulation movie, there is also a song.

Regulators, set up:


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