Prohibiting intercontinental COVID-19 importers in Africa


African countries should prevent foreign intercontinental citizens from entering the African continent due to the contagious import of COVID-19.

Strict monitoring mechanisms and full alert surveillance of any foreign aid arrangements in health industries across the continent must be put in place. This will ensure that health care providers such as the Bill and Malinda Gate Foundation are scrutinized so that what they import into Africa is safe from COVID-19 and other imported medicines, this is to ensure that the African public is protected. Bill and the Malinda Gate Foundation have always been accused, according to the previously indicated rumors, of causing infertility in Africa.

Mind you, world powers are rushing to produce vaccine trials for COVID-19 as infection and death continue to escalate, this race should not be underestimated by developing countries. There are three stages in vaccine development; one, animal testing, second human study and third: ethical approval of the vaccine primarily by the World Health Organization. Most vaccines usually take ten (10) to twenty (20) years to reach final approval. But the COVID-19 vaccine is quickly getting a rush from academics, institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. This is because the most powerful governments have heavily poured out billions of dollars to urgently address the need to discover and save their dying citizens – these moves are less likely to be seen in most of the other infectious diseases that had engulfed the world before, c ‘is a strong political will and strong competition between the most powerful countries in the world.

Powerful countries can bypass the World Health Organization’s strict and mandatory regulations on vaccine production. There are only four major WHO approved vaccine companies in the world namely; Aventis Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Wyeth. Two of these giant pharmaceutical companies are based in Europe, and Merck and Wyeth are US-based companies. The World Health Organization has indicated that any vaccine developed and approved must meet the requirements of efficacy, safety and quality in order to advance in production and supply to world markets.

Less powerful countries with greedy authorities are always bribed to allow vaccine testing in their countries. I fear that some UN agencies and health care organizations will use these underprivileged countries as COVID-19 hubs for human vaccine trials as powerful nations scramble to produce vaccines.

Africa has the lowest infection rate for the COVID-19 pandemic as it is raging around the world. This lower prevalence of infection rates could trigger nasty humanitarian desires to harm Africans.

China, on the other hand, has not been very transparent in its epidemiological report presenting cohort prevalence to the World Health Organization. There are probably hidden epidemiological data on the prevalence of death and the rate of transmission. How did a densely populated world of humans simply prevent the virus from spreading through the air in less than 8 weeks in a city? There is something suspicious with China; they are not pleasing the world with the answers!

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