Property maintenance software


Real estate transactions have always brought in considerable income. Taking into account the fact that the number of clients, objects, purchase and sale operations, rental of residential and non-residential premises has significantly increased, business owners are already seriously thinking about which property maintenance software to use in this area.

The developers offer two types of solutions for real estate agencies: online platforms and stationary software installed on the customer’s equipment. The online version has its undeniable advantages – there is no need to store personal data of clients in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (the provider is responsible for this), and there is no need to spend money on powerful server equipment. However, the software installed at the customer’s workplaces has its advantages: the agency does not depend on failures that can occur on the provider’s side, and the likelihood that all information will be lost is negligible (with appropriate settings for data backup systems).

When choosing software, you should pay attention to the presence of basic functions that will significantly increase sales efficiency and significantly increase the flow of customers:

  • interaction with specialized Internet portals and uploading ads and advertisements on them;
  • creation of a base of developers, primary and secondary housing;
  • accounting of clients, their documents, transactions, applications, contracts;
  • control over expenses of the real estate agency;
  • accounting of employees of the organization and the procedure for calculating their wages and incentives;
  • formation of the necessary documents and reports;
  • directory of developers;
  • accounting for insurance of objects and clients;
  • smart search for real estate according to the specified parameters;
  • informing and advertising for clients via SMS and Email;
  • receiving online applications from clients;
  • differentiation of employee access rights to the program depending on their responsibilities;
  • technical support for software users and the ability to find answers to emerging questions on the site;
  • carrying out mutual settlements with clients, as well as issuing a refund in case of termination of the transaction.

Developers can offer other functionality, which will also be useful for the work of real estate agencies, especially the individual approach to customers and the ability to modify existing programs for the needs of existing objects are appreciated.

The use of workflow automation programs and accounting of the necessary data will significantly increase the organization’s income, simplify and speed up the work of managers and improve the quality of customer service.

What does the manager get?

Control over employees: all tasks are recorded in the system, and the order is overdue, the manager will find out about it: 

  • All call records can be listened to;
  • Visual reports will show how many calls and impressions each realtor made, how many applications he took, and how many he brought to the deal, the amount of sales, etc .;
  • Quick employee training: if a realtor quits or goes on vacation, another employee immediately gets access to the database of clients and deals. CRM itself will set tasks at each stage of the sale and give tips;
  • Reduce costs: You will identify employee mistakes, identify lazy people, learn ineffective sources of customers and change the strategy to increase profits;
  • Exchange of information between branches: a single electronic database allows you to quickly coordinate the actions of several offices.


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