Proscenic M8 Review: A capable robot cleaner has connection issues


Proscenic’s new M8 hybrid robot vacuum / mop promises new levels of performance, including stronger suction and more efficient navigation. It delivers that score, surpassing the impressive cleanliness I experienced with the company’s early robots. Unfortunately, it’s tied to a redesigned app with some significant connection issues that, for me at least, made the M8’s custom mapping and cleaning features inaccessible.

The M8 is similar to the M7 Pro we reviewed last year, the most noticeable difference is that the control panel with the Power and Home buttons has been redesigned. A top-centered turret houses updated laser navigation technology that creates more accurate and complete maps than previous generations. For the real dirty cleaning work, the M8 combines a rubber and bristle rotating brush and a single rotating brush with 3000 Pa of suction. A 2-in-1 module containing a 280ml garbage can and a 300ml water tank allows you to vacuum and clean at the same time, potentially cutting cleaning time in half. The robot is also equipped with numerous accessories including the charging base, a remote control, cloth cloths, a mop holder and an additional side brush.

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Setting up the M8 is as simple as connecting the dock and placing the robot on the charging pins. It takes 160 to 190 minutes to fully charge, which produces around 150 minutes of battery life depending on usage.

proscenico m8 mess Stage

The M8 has a maximum suction of 3000 Pa and easily sucks up any dirt in its path.

You can control the M8 with its remote control or with the new Proscenic app, which makes more functions available, including multi-storey mapping, virtual barriers and cleaning zones. The app, however, which I was forced to update when I opened the old one, is full of bugs. Some screens did not scroll during the setup process and the app repeatedly failed to connect to my Wi-Fi. Apparently, the connection error is a common problem judging by several online reviews. These bugs will likely be fixed in future updates, but they prevented me from accessing some of the more interesting features of the M8 during my review period.

Fortunately, the physical remote gives you control over all the basic functions of the M8, including starting and pausing cleaning, selecting the mode and sending the robot to the charging dock. You can also use your voice to give basic commands via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

I used the M8 for my downstairs daily cleaning, which includes both carpet and hard floors. For direct suction, simply press the “play” button on the remote control. The M8 is set by default to self-cleaning mode, which automatically adjusts its suction based on the type of floor it is on. When it detects the carpet, Proscenic’s Vboost technology automatically activates to increase suction to maximum power. The suction returns to its previous power level when it returns to a hard floor. You can manually activate maximum suction from the remote, but running it constantly in this mode will drain the battery faster. There is also a spot cleaning mode for areas of concentrated dirt.

door m8 proscenico Stage

The M8 sails efficiently and has no problem getting through floor transitions.

Vacuuming and cleaning in tandem takes a little more preparation. It is necessary to remove the waste bin / water tank module and fill the tank with tap water. Then you place a cleaning cloth over the mop attachment and slide it into the bottom of the bin / water tank module. Finally, reinstall the module in the robot.

The M8 did a great job cleaning my floors. The powerful suction grabbed every bit of dirt, dust and pet hair it could reach – its turret kept it from getting under my sofa and kitchen cabinets – and its mop was able to remove surface stains and light leaks. You’ll still need a mop handy as the M8 essentially simply wipes a damp cloth on the floor without the rubbing required to lift deeper dirt. But for daily floor maintenance, the M8 does the trick.

When it comes to cleaning performance alone, the M8 has a lot to recommend. But the current version of the Proscenic app has made all of its advanced features virtually inaccessible, which is reason enough to drop an entire star from this review. Proscenic will undoubtedly fix the app issues, but if you can’t wait, you might want to check out the Roborock S7 our current pick for the best hybrid robot / mop. It costs a little more but includes similar features, more vigorous wash. and a bug-free app.

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