Prosecution tried to paint Rittenhouse as “with intent to kill”, but it did NOT work – [VIDEO] – The right scoop


The prosecutor today tried to portray Rittenhouse as intending to kill, continually asking him if he “intended to kill” his attacks on Kenosha. But Rittenhouse refused to take the bait and answered honestly:

The prosecutor kept trying to paint Rittenhouse as a killer, saying “everyone you shot that night, you meant to kill. Correct?”

And he kept asking over and over, hoping Rittenhouse would trip or something.

But Rittenhouse held out and said, “I wasn’t going to kill them. I meant to stop the people who were attacking me. “

And he kept giving that same answer, in one or the other, over and over. Because it was the truth. Rittenhouse didn’t know if they would die, he was simply defending himself to stop his attackers.

To demonstrate how ridiculous this prosecutor is, as if that wasn’t obvious enough, here’s a short clip from the prosecutor describing an empty spot:

The prosecutor says “hollow point bullets are designed to hit the animal they are shot at – say a deer for example – and explode inside that body, right?”

Rittenhouse replied “No I do not think so.”

They don’t explode expand. A hollow point bullet can go from a little larger to double the size of the bullet when it hits a “body”, depending on the hollow point. They simply make a bigger hole to stop an attacker. When they expand, they also create more resistance as they travel through the body, and the hope is that they won’t go out of their intended target and injure someone else.

This prosecutor undoubtedly knows this, but he wants to paint Rittenhouse as a killer and is holding on to straws to save his convicted murder case.


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