Protecting Paterson – the Tory gift to the opposition –


Supporting Paterson doesn’t seem smart

Nothing illustrates the sentiment of trust among BoJo’s Tories as much as their efforts to protect Owen Paterson. The fact that ministers should also contemplate something other than letting the agreed process go on opens the party to allegations of “sleaze” that those of us who are old enough to remember were what created the political climate it saw. Blair winning his landslide victory at GE1997.

All the party is trying to do is circumvent an investigation report by Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Kathryn Stone, which concluded that Paterson used his position as an MP for the benefit of two companies that paid him as a consultant. . Even more damning was his claim that he had done this repeatedly.

My advice to CON MPs with majorities of less than 5% is to be very careful to support this proposal as it will be used repeatedly against them.

I don’t know about the Labor Party, but I can see the LD activists in the CON seats who voted Remain where they are the challenger preparing to produce special “Sleaze” editions of their newsletters if their MP votes it.

A big mistake by BoJo.

Mike Smithson


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