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PS5 update released with 1440p resolution

Sony announced a new software update For him Playstation 5 on Wednesday with a number of features available globally. After launching beta tests in July in select countries, the company rolled out 1440p support, improved audio settings, game lists, and more options for the social gaming experience.

If your monitor or TV it’s compatible with ps5 games that have 1440p resolution, you can adjust your display settings to get better picture quality. 1440p video output allows for sharper graphics and increased anti-aliasing, which creates softer edges in images.

Users can also generate up to 15 game lists from the Game Library by clicking on the Your Collection tab. You can add up to 100 titles to each list, and according to Sony, you can choose streaming, disc, or digital games.

For all you social gamers out there, the PS5 now makes it easy to join a party with friends. With the Request Screen Share feature, you can send a direct request to any player to let them watch the game. Navigate to voice chat, click on the person’s name and submit a request. Also, if you join a party for a game that you can also play, you will receive a notification on the screen and you can enter the game by clicking the pop-up notification.

Other new features include improved profiles and the ability to compare stereo and 3D audio settings on one screen before selecting your preference. You can also send voice messages and stickers from the Game Base.

Sony has plans to roll out more updates this month to the PS5 app, including the screen share request feature and the option to launch Remote Play from iOS and Android devices.


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