Putin says the Hohols have ceased their main “offensive” operations, they realize they are doomed pups, by Andrew Anglin – News Block

I don’t think Putin announced this unless it was actually happening.

The hohols are retreating.


Ukraine halted major offensive operations after realizing its forces could not win, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

Thanks to the courage and heroism of our soldiers and the readiness of the commanders to reject any aggressive action against Russia, it seems to me that the enemy has no chance. They understand this, which is why they stopped.”, Putin told journalist Pavel Zarubin in the Kremlin.

The Ukrainian army launched its long-heralded offensive on June 4, using several Western-trained brigades equipped with Leopard tanks and Bradley armored vehicles, among others.

Oddly enough, it is a slow process at the moment, because the enemy is suffering serious losses of personnel and equipment.Putin said. “By early this morning, our men had knocked out 245 tanks and some 678 armored vehicles of various types, not to mention heavy enemy casualties..”

That’s good for that Dutch woman who runs the organ harvesting.

video link

Zelensky says “do we have good news?” and his friends say “yeah, boss, the organ industry is exploding, big time.”

Kiev’s forces are currently in the process of rebuilding their brigades, which suffered heavy losses, Putin explained, but they fear that taking more casualties at this rate will remove the combat capability of not just their strategic reserve, but their entire army. .

At the time, Putin said: “offensive operations are not ongoing”, only combat elements such as shelling and reconnaissance in force.

Retired General Andrey Kartapolov, who commanded the Russian expedition in Syria in 2016-17, has also estimated that Ukraine will exhaust its offensive capacity by the end of June at this rate, with 40% of his strength in the theater already rendered the combat ineffective..

Putin’s comments came at a reception for top cadets from Russia’s military academies and officer schools, which was also attended by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu. The Russian president told the newly appointed officers that Moscow pledged to provide the armed forces with all the weapons and supplies they needed.

Yes, good. From what I’ve been hearing, people want Shoigu to say that.

But whatever.

It’s a great feeling to see everything finally come undone completely, after all these months.

It’s like 2016 all over again.

This was the long-awaited “spring offensive,” and it makes sense that they didn’t have enough men and equipment to make ends meet. Based on what we’ve seen on Telegram videos of the destruction, it seems like a month would be too long.

You can go look at the big map sites – sure enough, they haven’t made any progress in the last three weeks. The abandoned towns they “captured” were forward positions the Russians abandoned before they showed up.

Even Deepstate Maps, a fake Ukraine site that is biased towards hohols, shows that the Russians are now on the offensive, and that Ukraine is incapable of containing these empty villages that the media hailed them capturing.

I would be surprised if even a handful of Russian soldiers died.

Probably, there will have to be some kind of turn by the Americans in the near future.

Right now the American media keeps reporting shit that is so crazy I can’t even believe it’s real.

Watch this:

Ukraine is about to take Crimea!

Nigga, you fell!

Some of it, however, is less crazy.

CNN removed this headline, which is still available in cache:

Meanwhile, they report that Zelensky says progress is “slow.”

“Slow” is how they are going to have to let down the people who supported this stupid fake war.

They can’t go from lying on the scale they’ve been lying on to “well, actually, it’s over and Ukraine lost.” They’re going to have to start running progressively worse headlines over a period of weeks to make it look like something has changed, to validate their own past reports.

The reality, of course, is that Russia never did anything but win, and the only complaint, always, was that they weren’t winning fast enough. The answer to that, which we have explained many times, is that Russia was not preparing for this kind of war, as they could never have expected that the West would send hundreds of thousands of young people to die for literally no reason. Russia had to mobilize a real army for a serious war, and that took some time, but they never lost any territory and have kept fighting on a limited budget.

Meanwhile, the latest video from James O’Keefe shows some guy from BlackRock saying that Larry Fink is a war fanatic and really good for business.

(O’Keefe was fired from Project Veritas for some reason I can’t remember at this point, but he was the company, so he’ll keep posting these videos.)

The Ukraine lie operation was, in some ways, even bigger than the coronavirus lie operation and the deadly jab. It’s amazing that people still take this medium seriously, but apparently they do.

The best thing for Russia would be for Ukraine to keep throwing men at the Russian line, because as Putin says, they have unlimited equipment from the West, but they don’t have unlimited men and eventually there won’t be any more. adolescents to grab from the street.

It seems that at some point there should be a coup in kyiv, but who knows. It’s shocking that people are tolerating sending this number of people to die for no clear reason beyond “America says so.”

The US/NATO anal beast machine will be faced with a choice: surrender or send in its own forces. It seems that if they were going to get directly involved, they would have started by providing air support for this current offensive, but I’m not too convinced that the decisions are being made according to logic.

So it is possible that the US will go ahead and declare World War III.

China has already sent teams, so that seal is broken. The US is covering it up by basically not mentioning it in the media, even though they claimed it was a “red line” for China.

Basically, this is China just sending a signal that they have Russia’s back in a situation where they would need it, meaning if NATO gets directly involved, China will get directly involved. I spent a long time waiting for that, but some people questioned it. It cannot be questioned now. China is ready to back Russia’s war effort.

NATO could send in Poles and just serve as an air force for them to try to push the line.

Frankly, I doubt that will happen.

But there is no way to predict anything with these people. It doesn’t make any sense what they’re doing now. Yes, the arms companies and BlackRock like it, but it makes the US look totally unhinged and completely incompetent.

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