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Puzzled about how to finish a room? Tackle these 2 projects first.

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Designing your dream home is a project that never really ends. Just when you think you’ve finally added the finishing touches, a new trend or slightly empty wall space catches your eye and a new mission begins. And that’s part of the fun! But there are also times when a room feels unfinished, but you can’t pin down exactly why. Whether it’s a postage stamp-sized rug or a piece of art that hangs a little too high, a single item can be a decisive detail when it comes to creating a space that feels like home.

We have long turned to shelter magazines in times of design-related crises, a move that often leads to great inspiration. One of our favorites Southern life, offers some insightful thoughts About the dilemma of the unfinished room.

“The finishing touches are what bring a room together and make it look like an intentionally designed personal space,” Stephanie Purzycki, one of the design-minded founders at The end, explains to Southern life. “A lot of people are into decorating a space and are so close to creating something really beautiful, but they’re just not sure how to complete it.”

With the help of Purzycki and her design-minded co-founder of The Finish Kaitlin Madden, Southern life narrowed down the main culprits behind an incomplete room. Read on for two key finishing touches that could take any space to the next level.

The right size rug

Scale is crucial to any well-planned layout, but there is one occasion when size can be more important: choosing an area rug. Too big and the ground looks like it is drowning. Too small, and it may not be there at all. Fortunately, there is a general rule of thumb for your rug to be just right.

“If you’re in a living room, for example, at least the front legs of each piece of furniture should sit on the carpet, if not the entire piece of furniture,” says Purzycki. Southern life. “If it is a dining room, all the legs of the chair must remain on the carpet even when the chairs are removed from the table.”

Take care of your windows, pamper yourself

We at Team Camille have an intimate understanding of the value that excellent window treatments can add. Although they can be one of the most intimidating projects to tackle, their ability to level up a room is practically unmatched.

“[Window treatments] they add a lot to a room: warmth (literal and aesthetic), color, design and privacy, ”says Purzycki Southern life. “Sometimes they are all a room needs to feel complete.”

That said, the list of variables that come with choosing window treatments is extensive, which probably explains why the process can get so overwhelming. What materials will help you build the aesthetic of your dreams? Considering all the different product lines and media, how exactly do you ensure that you have the correct measurements? Can you apply layers of window curtains?

Fortunately, when tackling window treatments at home, Camille shared the best tips she learned. Read on for our guide to choosing the right window treatments for every home, as well as some helpful do’s and don’ts and tips for styling. Whether it’s your finishing touch or not, getting this particular project done could make all the difference in creating the feel of your space.

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