QAnon cultists disappointed after JFK Jr. didn’t return from the dead to be Trump’s running mate


QAnon sect members flocked to JFK’s assassination site in Dallas because they believed JFK Jr. would be Trump’s running mate again in 2024.

Rolling Stone caught the conspiracy:

The revival of JFK Jr. is an increasingly popular cornerstone of QAnon’s conspiracy theory, although historically it has been a fringe belief in the movement. The theory postulates that JFK Jr. has been in hiding for years and will eventually reveal himself as Trump’s running mate for the 2024 election, a belief that stems from a poster claiming to be JFK Jr. who contributed to an 8chan thread in the 2018.

Some proponents of the theory also believe that Vincent Fusca, a former sales director in Pittsburgh, is secretly JFK Jr. in disguise, despite the fact that Fusca is shorter (and honestly, noticeably less handsome) than John F. Kennedy Jr. QAnon influencer Juan O. Savin was also “suspected” of being JFK Jr. in “disguise”. Platforms like Etsy and Amazon have also been called into question for the sale of merchandise promoting the idea that JFK Jr. is still alive and returning as Trump’s running mate, and many supporters at the Dealey Plaza event were photographed wearing. such merch.

JFK Jr. remains deceased and does not join Trump’s ticket

It’s easy to make fun of QAnon cultists, but there is one key point that needs to be taken seriously. These people are allowed to vote and their vote matters as much as yours, so while it’s easy to mock them, these are the people who also help decide who is leading the country.

The QAnon cult will not go away after Trump’s defeat. If anything, they became more radical after their king was ousted from his throne by Joe Biden.

These people are a dangerous threat to the nation who are completely out of touch with reality. There can be no bipartisan consensus in American politics when a party feeds a cult that believes a ticket to Trump / zombie John F. Kennedy Jr. could happen.

America is not just two different countries. It is becoming two different planets.


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