Queen Elizabeth is in “very good shape” after being told to rest, says British Prime Minister Johnson – National


Queen Elizabeth, who doctors have advised to rest and avoid official visits for at least the next two weeks, is in excellent shape, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said after speaking to the 95-year-old monarch this week.

There has been concern over the health of Elizabeth, the world’s oldest and longest reigning monarch, after she canceled a series of scheduled trips and spent a night in the hospital for an unspecified, albeit unrelated to COVID, ailment. -19, his first similar overnight stay for years.

“I have spoken to her majesty and she is in excellent shape,” Johnson, who speaks to the queen every Wednesday to give her a weekly update, told Channel 4 news Saturday.

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Queen Elizabeth advises doctors to rest for 2 weeks

“He just has to follow the advice of his doctors and get some rest and I think that’s the important thing. I think the whole country loves her. “

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Elizabeth, who is the queen of 15 other kingdoms including Australia, Canada and New Zealand, has been resting in her Windsor Castle home since she spent the night in the hospital 10 days ago after undergoing “preliminary investigation”.

The monarch, known for her robust health and who regularly performed official public duties despite her age, had already withdrawn from a visit to Northern Ireland and the upcoming COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow next week, where she had scheduled to face the world leader in person.

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Canadian soldiers will return home after guarding Her Majesty

Canadian soldiers will return home after guarding Her Majesty – October 25, 2021

Buckingham Palace said it would no longer attend a major event on November 13 at the Royal Albert Hall hosted by a British military charity, but had a “firm intention” to be present at the main national veteran commemoration service on Sunday November. . 14, an event of great importance for her.

A palace source said the queen remained in a good mood and recorded a video speech for COP26 delegates. Further rest was a “sensitive precaution,” the source added.

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Since being told the rest, the queen has looked good and cheerful in the footage released by the palace when she took part in a series of virtual events on videolink.

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