Quite the discussion that needs to be done


Since you’re a bit of a novelist, what do you think of my idea for an evil tale (hopefully followed by a big deal for a Hollywood movie, then serialization on television)?

To tackle the problem of dementia, we simply need to reduce the number of people reaching the age of dementia. In my book (a real flight of fancy I know) the forces of evil could invent some new deadly disease (but not that deadly, let’s say <1% IFR), but convince people that no one has natural immunity from it and it is REALLY, REALLY bad and the only way to protect yourself was with a government approved "vaccine".
The bad part is that the “vaccine” is indeed an experimental, untested, immunosuppressive gene therapy, so the diseases that people have survived before will now. Before they get old enough to get dementia … ..

What do you think? Too far-fetched?


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