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“I was in howard stern last week and asked me about my friendship with John Mayer and I said: “Yes, you know”, (I) said frivolously and nonchalantly that we love each other. It became front page news and the more it became front page news the more it hurt. You know why? Aren’t two men allowed to say they’re in love? Are we all that freaked out? …I think it’s weird. Do you, I mean, don’t you think that most men, I mean, Dave Ansel and I are in love with each other? David Ansel He was the first boy I fell in love with. That’s my roommate from college and he surprised me, by the way, in the first week of freshman year when he was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I love you dude. I love you,’ and I was like, ‘Wow, this is a totally straight guy expressing his love for me.’ He felt very pure and real, but nothing sexual. He relied on our friendship, so that’s why I think a two-guy friendship, that doesn’t sound like front-page news to me. Do you know what I mean?”

Andy Cohen explaining his reaction to the media freaking out over him recently saying he loves John Mayer, via SiriusXM‘s andy cohen live

Hear for yourself (below):

(Image via SiriusXM/YouTube.)

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