Reasons to Consider Cheap Florist in Singapore


    Plenty of people like to be cheap and save every cent, but cheap doesn’t always mean low quality. This is particularly true with flowers. To change minds about cheap florists in Singapore, you should detail the quality of cheap flowers delivered by such businesses. Here are reasons to consider a cheap florist in Singapore:

    1) Locally grown flowers

    One of the best reasons to use a cheap florist is that they sell locally grown flowers. Singapore has no shortage of sunshine and rain, which means it’s an ideal place for flowers. On top of that, many local growers grow gorgeous flowers right in our backyard. Florists who buy from these growers can offer their clients fresh and beautiful flowers at affordable prices. Locally-grown blossoms mean that your loved one will get to enjoy lovely vibrant colors and styles all year-round instead of just during spring or summer when most flowers blossom naturally elsewhere in the world.

    2) Bulk orders

    Since most Singaporean florists source locally, they can buy lots of blossoms at once and pass the discount on to you. This means you can get florist deals, even for events like weddings and birthdays.

    3) Free delivery

    Most cheap florists offer free delivery service, especially if your order is over a certain amount. For instance, if you spend $80 or more at one of Budget Blooms’ 7 stores in Singapore, all deliveries are free of charge. Cheap florists save on rent and wages and transport costs by using bicycles and motorcycles for local deliveries. It’s a win-win: you get affordable flowers while they save the earth from harm.

    4) Well-known designers

    Many people think that cheap florists simply can’t afford famous designers who make beautiful arrangements like bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and flower baskets. However, many florists work with famous designers to create stunning pieces at affordable prices for their clients. Check for more information about cheap florists in Singapore.

    5) Seasonal discounts

    Most floral shops offer discounts on select items before an important event or holiday, so you can purchase flowers beforehand at a low cost while still giving your loved one flowers that are fresh and beautiful. For instance, Budget Blooms offers discounts of up to 70% off on selected blooms during special sales periods such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. This is a great opportunity for flower shoppers who want something different than the usual roses or lilies.

    6) Assortment of flowers

    Many cheap florists in Singapore carry various types of blooms, so you can choose the color, style, and arrangement that best fits your loved one’s preferences. They also offer custom orders so you can get a bouquet made especially for your special someone.

    7) Great gifts

    Flowers are not just for special occasions or romantic gestures. You can buy flowers as simple gifts such as birthday presents, Mother’s Day presents and “just because” gifts. Floral craftsmen will happily help create affordable flower arrangements suitable for each occasion and person you wish to buy for without breaking the bank.


    There are many good reasons to consider a cheap florist in Singapore for all your flower needs. From locally grown flowers, bulk orders to free delivery and seasonal sales, you can give your loved ones fresh flowers all year round without breaking the bank.


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