Reddit will introduce various iOS app features soon – News Block

Online community platform Reddit is planning a series of changes to its iOS and Android app.

Amid ongoing API changes, the Reddit iOS app will have better accessibility to moderation tools starting in July. Product manager u/joyventure said the company is “committed to making it easy for mods” to moderate on Android and iOS through assistive technology. Moderators using assistive tools were revealed to be relying on third-party apps, and Reddit is making changes to maintain them.


The new iOS app will have several new moderation features, including additional user settings, ban bypass settings, and community settings from late July through August. The ability to manage users, ModMail access, and ModQueue actions will roll out early next month.

Improved access to the moderation tool can be beneficial to the business as they are currently dealing with disgruntled users and mods of upcoming API changes.

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