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Doctors have warned that restful, deep sleep is not only essential for your daily tasks, but also ensures a long life.

But first, experts are emphasizing that the quality of sleep must be better, that it be deep and calm. Above all, the quiet sleep routine can also lead to increasing age.

It is expected that if you have deep and complete sleep throughout your life, you can increase the age of at least 5 years. For this, experts recommend seven to eight hours of sleep a night, but they should be standard. Even inadequate sleep is caused by 8% of deaths in the world due to lack of sleep.

Dr. Frank Qian and colleagues at the Beth-Israeli Decanis Medical Center in the US city of Boston have said that standard sleep is a guarantee for a healthy heart and that if sleep is poor, it can cause cardiovascular disease. In this regard, the scientists cited the data of 172,321 people, who had an average age of 50 years and included 54% of them. The survey continued from 2013 to 2018 and participants were specifically asked questions about sleep. The experts counted the level of sleep from 0 to 5 points, with the worst sleep receiving zero or another better sleep number.

Then, after 4.3 years, 8,680 people died, of whom 30% died from cardiovascular disease, 24% from cancer, and 46% from other causes. It was known that in people who had deep, calm and full sleep, the risk of timely death was 30% lower, the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and 19% from cancer reduced the risk of death. However, the death of others was less than 40%.

Experts have also noted that the death rate was also high in those who were sleeping. That is why they have emphasized deep and complete sleep for a long and happy life. a battered dream can come from the dream.

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