Removable batteries are the future for this electric microcar manufacturer


A Spanish company unveiled its first fully electric vehicle, and both variants of the range include interchangeable batteries.

Company based in Barcelona, ​​Silence, revealed the ‘SO4’, an electric quadricycle with removable batteries.

A company known for its e-scooters, the S04 is its first fully electric vehicle to hit the market. Measurement 2.33m long Other 1.56m wide, the two-seater compact EV is available in two variants: L6e and L7e.

The L6e packs a 6kW motor paired with a 5.6kWh battery and has a top speed of 45km / h. It can be driven by those who carry a simple AM ​​moped license, which is more common among younger drivers in European counties.

Offering more power, the L7e contains a larger 14kW motor, 11.2kWh battery and a top speed of 90km / h. A standard driving license is required for this variant.

In both models the batteries can be removed and replaced with others promptly charged, available at the Silence exchange stations. The company offers a subscription to its customers at approx $ AU30 dollars per month.

The interior is minimalist with standard features such as power windows, air conditioning and ABS, while keyless access is available via the owner’s smartphone.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Barcelona, ​​the S04 base has just started $ 11,500 Australian dollars.

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