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Recently, there have been allegations surrounding Bankole Wellington, popularly known as Banky W, a prominent Nigerian singer, actor, politician and pastor. It is claimed that he has been unfaithful to his wife, the actress, Adesua Etomi, and has allegedly impregnated another woman, reportedly identified as NIyola, who was previously signed to his record label.

Renowned singer Banky W creates a sensation with rumors of impregnating an American girl

According to Senior Man, these accusations have emerged shortly after Adesua Etomi expressed his deep affection for Banky W on social media during his birthday celebration. In the sense of her message from her, she recalled a time when she burst into tears realizing that God had blessed her with an exceptional husband.

Adesua Etomi described Banky W as her whole world and a reflection of God’s love for her. She praised him for his extraordinary compassion, kindness, gentleness, and peaceful nature. She also acknowledged his disinterest, emphasizing her role as a devoted parent to her child.

According to a well-known Instagram gossip platform called Gistlovers, there are claims that a prominent singer and politician, known for his fair complexion, has impregnated his lover. The complaints claim that he urged her to terminate her pregnancy, but she refused, citing that she had already undergone two previous abortions for him.

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The blog goes on to state that the singer had been involved with this woman before his marriage to Adesua Etomi and that their relationship continued even after they got married.

The news has deeply saddened numerous Internet users, with many fervently hoping that the allegations turn out to be false.

At the moment, neither Banky W nor Adesua Etomi have addressed the allegations on social media, nor have they responded to inquiries made by Kemi Filani News, the outlet that initially reported the story.

Meanwhile, singer Niyola opted to disable the comments section on her Instagram page following the circulation of this news.

Niyola, a talented Nigerian artist, singer, songwriter and performer, rose to fame after signing with Banky W’s EME records in 2012. There were several occasions where she was subject to rumors suggesting a romantic relationship with Banky W. Sin However, these rumors subsided after Banky W married Adesua Etomi.

Gistlover in a long post wrote;

“Hello tueh tueh, GLB NATION, another kasala will soon explode oo, na men like this Dey make bless rubber yansh Dey yarn dust say na side hen Dey celebrate marriages, story story, story,

Once upon a time, time, there was a man, he is very handsome, yellow papaya and a musician,

he was dating a lady who loved him, but one thing led to another naso the baby followed another man, the guy was heartbroken and there was a lady making best friends with him in a corner,

he found solace in bestie and they started to switch pants but Uncle Dey tells him that his friends say aunt bestie is too wild for him and he doesn’t fit in marrying aunt bestie, fast forward to a few months later,

Uncle finds another nice innocent lady, they started a relationship and it led to marriage, in fact, all of Nigeria loves their marriage and takes advantage of it many times over.

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All the time uncle kept aunt as best friend always seeing each other hitting each other aunt hen refuses to marry hoping one day her status will change she lives in the US and is so important like uncle’s wife, our musician. she turned into a politician she always sends him money,

and auntie side chic shuffles between 9ja and usa every time she’s around dude camps her out in a hotel so we don’t write many epistles this has been going on for years and dude is 100 percent cool in hiding traces of his wife, side chic got twice pregnant and miscarried,

The annoying thing about this whole thing is to say uncle mouth na Cho cho, whatever happens in your marriage, the Dey side hen is updated, which gives the olriburuku adieh agbepamo (side hen) the upper edge and, she began to be called herself mrs kinikan (US chapter)

Long story short, Sha, Side Hen is pregnant again and this time she insisted on not flirting with beauty, uncle has been running away from Helita Skelita, she even begged him to tell her not to do it again, but I guess it’s too much. late.

the side hen has been threatening to go public with beauty and the matter will snap anytime from now the information will reach our headquarters let’s just say uncle has been ice cold lately seeing how kids on the internet use yul edochie the eyes see their own go they want to spend their own because the wife has full fans everywhere.”

See screenshots of the blogger’s post below;

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