Reportedly, a new round of subpoenas for Trump’s allies in the election “War Room”


The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 uprising is preparing to sue a new round of Donald Trump “lieutenants” suspected of plotting to overturn presidential election results in a “war room” in a downtown Washington, DC hotel, a source told the Guardian.

Subpoenas could be issued as early as next week, according to the source.

The existence of a military-style command center was revealed in a series of investigative articles in the Washington Post last month.

The people involved, according to the post, included Trump’s then personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, former White House strategist Steve Bannon, and right-wing lawyer John Eastman, who wrote the infamous “coup memos” that outlined the ways in which the then Vice President Mike Pence could usurp Joe Bidenthe presidential victory.

The select committee is focusing on about 20 people believed to be connected to the command center that was set up at the Willard hotel after Trump’s defeat, the Guardian reported.

Among those targeted is Eastman, according to the newspaper’s source.

Eastman outlined his ideas for overturning the election results at a meeting in the White House on January 4 with Trump, Pence and Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, according to the Post.

Trump then reportedly used Eastman’s information afterwards to relentlessly pressure Pence to challenge Biden’s election votes. Pence did not comply.

The subpoenas will reportedly seek testimony and documents as to what advice Trump was being given at the time and whether he had prior knowledge of the Capitol siege.

Take a look at the the whole Guardian story here.


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