Republican chamber threatened with death for voting for infrastructure


Representative Fred Upton (R-WI) voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill and now he and his family are receiving death threats.

Listen to the call:

The caller said, “I hope you die. I hope everyone in your fucking family dies” and they called him a traitor.

Rep Upton receives death threats for voting on roads, bridges, airports and broadband

Upton didn’t vote for Build Back Better. He voted to bring billions of dollars to his home state of Michigan to repair roads, bridges, schools, pipes, and the Internet.

Anyone who lives or visits Michigan knows how severe the state’s vital infrastructure improvements have been.

Remove partisan politics from the equation, and it’s clear Rep Upton did the right thing for his constituents. Voting for better roads and bridges for Michigan is no betrayal.

There can be no bipartisanship when Republicans punish members of their own party for working with Democrats

Bipartism is impossible when Republicans threaten their party members with death for collaborating with Democrats. The problem is not that the Democrats will not work with the Republicans, but that the Republican party is so radicalized that it considers a bipartisan vote treason.

Republicans look more ISIS than Lincoln’s Party.


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