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RHOC judge Tamra issues a warning to Jennifer as she applauds the WWHL's comments, she also warns Ryan of "Text messages," and reveals if he will reconcile with Heather, plus update from Lynne Curtin

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tamra judge she confirmed and Jennifer Pedranti are no longer close after Wednesday night’s episode of See what happens livewhich had the Real Housewives of Orange County newbie and her boyfriend, ryan boyajiantalking bad about her.

Although she also reveals if she thinks that she and heather dubrow will reconcile their friendship and offer an update on the former co-star lynne curtinTamra mocked the “text message” receipts when she shaded Ryan as “so embarrassing” and said that Jennifer was “not smart” for the comments he made about her on WWHL.

“Jen really badmouthed you in WWHLa fan told Tamra on her Instagram story on July 19.

“I’ve heard. Not smart. I know too much,” Tamra replied.

RHOC Judge Tamra Warns Jennifer Pedranti After Talking WWHL Trash

Then, when someone else asked, “How was Lynne doing?” Tamra shared, along with a photo of the two of them, that Lynne “is doing great and not aging.”

RHOC judge Tamra offers an update on Lynn Curtin

Tamra also said that when it comes to her current tension with Heather, she doesn’t think it will last.

“Do you think you and Heather D. could patch things up in the future?” a third person wondered.

“Yes, absolutely,” Tamra confirmed.

RHOC judge Tamra hints at future reconciliation with Heather Dubrow

Another person pointed out that while Ryan suggested that he accidentally sent his d-ck photo to his followers on SnapChat, that’s not actually possible.

“I have snap! You cannot select everyone in your address book at once,” they wrote.

“I know!” Tamra replied. “Just another lie to cover their lies.”

RHOC Judge Tamra Slams Ryan for Lying About SnapChat Photo

As the questions continued, Tamra was asked about Jennifer’s comment about her and eddie judge schedule sex, which he did in the last episode of RHOC.

“How about Jenn saying you need to schedule sex with Eddie?” an Instagram user wanted to know.

“We’re good! I think you should worry about Ed Hardy’s community penis,” Tamra replied.

RHOC judge Tamra criticizes Ryan as Ed Hardy

Tamra then responded to comments Ryan made on WWHL.

As fans may have seen, Ryan said the biggest misconception about him “is everything that comes out of Tamra’s mouth about me” before suggesting he was making lemonade out of Tamra’s lemons in the form of d-ck pic merch.

“I didn’t give you lemons, I gave you the truth. But wait, there’s more,” she warned, adding a hashtag for “texting” and stating that Ryan is “so embarrassing”.

RHOC judge Tamra warns Ryan after his WWHL appearance

In another post, after someone wanted to know how she and Jen are doing now, wondering if they had talked since their Nobu drama on Wednesday’s episode, Tamra said: “We’re not close. We send DM sometimes.”

RHOC Judge Tamra Confirms She And Jennifer Pedranti Are No Longer Close

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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