Right-wing rally in Washington today has everyone in tension (Update: but so far attendees have outnumbered the media)


The angry conservatives are is expected to meet today in Washington for the first right-wing rally since the January 6 uprising, during which the United States Capitol was looted by a crowd of Trump supporters trying to prevent lawmakers from blessing President Joe Biden’s election victory. That day it claimed several lives and led to more than 600 criminal charges. Today, the Capitol is a maze of crowd control fences and armed guards.

At least one Leader of the proud boys encouraged followers across the country to show up, though others online have discouraged participation and warned it could be a false flag operation designed to trap supporters. Meanwhile, “White Lives Matter” is advertising global demonstrations for September 18 and has supported the January 6 insurgents online, but does not have a DC chapter.

Manger said on Friday that Capitol police still don’t know how many people to expect, but that the organizers of the event have secured permits for 700 attendees in Washington. However, around 500 people said they would like to participate internal note of the Capitol police reviewed by CNN notes that recent events organized by Look Ahead America had significantly less attendance than expected.

Seated congressmen stay away, but some MAGA candidates are showing up. It seems like a win for them: if it’s peaceful, they’ll have the halo to introduce themselves while seated members back out. If it goes to hell, they become the leaders of the crowd that hates and votes.

To update: The time has come but from the cover it is it seems like most of the people there are press.


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