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Kyle Rittenhouse is the then 17-year-old who showed up in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the violent riots, looting and fires that occurred last year. Rittenhouse, armed with a rifle, wanted to help maintain order and protect private property, but it was a misguided mission to say the least. He collided with the far left, most likely members of the Antifa, and, being attacked, shot three of them, two fatally. Looking at the videos circulating at the time, it seemed pretty clear to me that the boy was acting in self-defense.

Now Rittenhouse has been prosecuted for murder. To sum up his destructive life experience, I can’t improve Jim Treacher, through Instagram:

Kyle Rittenhouse is neither a hero nor a killer. He’s a guy who got in the way and defended his life when things went wrong. If he hadn’t shot those kids, they would have killed him. And all the people yelling at them right now would just shrug their shoulders, because they only care about human life when it serves their political ends.

I’m sorry those guys died, but they shouldn’t have been chasing a heavily armed man they just threatened to kill. If you don’t like it, please submit your complaints to the Darwin Awards.

Rittenhouse is now on trial for murder in Wisconsin. Several cell phone videos show that the second and third leftists Rittenhouse shot while attempting to escape were attacking him. He was obviously acting in self-defense. So the prosecution, seeking to arrest the now 18-year-old for murder, focuses on his original encounter with a violent leftist named Rosenbaum who allegedly posed no imminent death threat for Rittenhouse.

So far, things have not been going well for the prosecution. Its own witnesses are not entirely in agreement with the anti-Rittenhouse program. Yesterday the prosecution put on a witness who observed Rittenhouse’s interactions with Rosenbaum. On the cross, the defense gathered testimony which was useful to Rittenhouse. In this clip, the versions of which have gone viral, the prosecutor attempts to deny the witness testimony on the cross that Rosenbaum tried to attack Rittenhouse:

Please indulge me for a moment as a solicitor and attorney for 41 years, and a veteran of more than 100 jury trials This prosecutor, possibly a skilled attorney, has violated a fundamental rule: He asked one too many questions to a witness about which he had no control over, who was not quite on his side, and with whom he had not coordinated this particular testimony. And his one question too many was vital to his case.

But as usual, the real problem is not the lawyer, the problem is the facts of the case. Every indication is that Rittenhouse, however confused and misled, acted in self-defense in response to violent threats, and then actions, by leftist activists.

Several readers have asked us why we are not covering the Rittenhouse trial as we (Scott, in particular) did on the Derek Chauvin indictment.The short answer is that George Floyd’s death and subsequent persecution of Chauvin and others took place. in our backyard, while the Kenosha riots and the Rittenhouse prosecution are a state away. But the Rittenhouse case is obviously interesting. If you want to follow it, Legal insurrection its a good place to go. And we will have updates and comments from time to time.


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