“Root for Putin!” It can become a bumper sticker as it has clearly beaten Biden clumsy


Guide host Ken Matthews is a respected radio professional, not a bumper sticker writer, but said he’s tempted to start churning them out with the slogan “Rootin ‘For Putin!” after seeing how the Russian president clearly beat the bumbling Biden in Geneva on Wednesday.

Ken said he forced himself to stop cheering loudly for Putin after a few seconds, even though it was obviously not a race.

Even if he put aside the typical mistakes of the American president, Ken was “amazed” by “how good Putin was” at every turn as the world watched.

“Wow, this guy is a surgeon with words!” he exclaimed. “It’s great. He’s better than Obama!”

Biden gave rambling, unanswered questions that required strength.

When Ken said Fox News “real reporter” Peter Doocy asked Biden if he would consider calling his “old friend” Chinese President Xi Jinping to see if he would reveal the true story about the origins of the Wuhan virus, Biden , seemingly irritable at the insinuation, said, “Some things don’t have to be explained to the world, you can only see the results … It’s not about trust.” Then, repeatedly exclaiming to look at the results, Biden made an overly bland comparison with the outdated saying “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Unfortunately, his most insightful comment of the day was when he noticed that the strange choice of words was a very ancient reference.

Conversely, Ken noted that Putin was continually diplomatic and an impeccable communicator, even under pressure, such as when he responded directly in detail to a reporter’s double question to assess the overall tone of the meetings and what the couple had negotiated regarding the IT security. “They had to go to Putin because they couldn’t get much information from Biden,” Ken said in exasperation.

Interestingly, unlike the US Drive-Bys that followed the event, which more than once publicly blew Biden, Putin kindly stated that there was “no hostility” in the meeting of leaders and is was “fundamental and constructive”.

What’s finally coming to the fore, as Biden stumbles on every corner, is how constructive the summit of President Trump’s counterpart to the well-matched Putin was – and how strong the super Trump was. Unlike the Biden duvet, Ken recalled with admiration that “these guys were like two caged alpha animals.”

Trump weighed on the worldwide audience during an interview about yesterday’s disappointing performance of the man who received the most US presidential votes in history. “It was another day,” Trump said. “It was a good day for Russia. I don’t know what we got out of it! “

What some of the few (only six) reporters allowed to question Biden made a well-deserved apology later on, as Biden wasted more precious time than providing urgent answers to MIA. Ken noted that Biden said he was sorry to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins after an embarrassing fuss when he attacked his credibility for legitimately yelling at him about Putin, “Why are you so sure his behavior will change, Mr. President?”

Significantly, however, Biden’s rant included one of the hottest answers of the day that Ken noted was an unlucky thread describing Biden’s continuously weak shows: “When did I say I was confident ?!”


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