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Salma Hayek is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, so when she gives an actor her stamp of approval, it’s worth a lot.

And one lucky Irish actor has just been given the honor, as the Mexican actress has shared her love for none other than Barry Keoghan.

The pair worked together on 2021’s Marvel’s Eternals and Barry has shared his love for and worked with Salma in the past.

But the Frida star was quick to return the praise. Speaking to Dublin’s FM104, she said: “Legend, as he always says, legend. I love it.”

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Explaining that they clicked “really immediately.” She also shared her appreciation for Barry’s Banshees of Inisherin co-star Colin Farrell.

“I love the Irish. I love him, I love Colin.”

“I mean, I really feel at home when I’m with an Irish person,” the actress confessed.

Barry Keoghan Image: Netflix

Barry previously praised Salma and her Eternals co-star Angelina Jolie.

Speaking to Geek Ireland, he shared: “She’s fun, Salma. She’s great, she’s very loving and I mean it. She cares about everyone on the set, she’s very motherly, her and Angelina, which is wonderful to have.”

“They were always looking for the younger cast members on set. I have a ton of admiration for them and for working alongside them…sometimes you pinch me, but since they are so humble and kind that goes, in a good way. They are humanized because you get used to them and you get to know them. It’s not just the people on screen that you grew up seeing and then you work with and they’re just so lovely.”

“But yes, Salma, she is a legend. I really mean it.

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